Ukrainian graffiti on Kenyan walls? What in the madness!

TBH I couldn’t care less, but I am curious about the admin’s stand on doxxing. We can’t have such attention-deprived idiots ruining my experience on the platform!

@administrator this is a legit concern

The bonobo is enjoying those farts:D:D

This was probably just a reverse image search. So in effect @ChichiKoech doxxed herself if you can even call it doxxing

So a deputy, maybe equivalent of an mp, of bulgaria tore down and then threw down a yukrane flag from one of their public buildings.

Bulgaria is nato member and donator of arms to yukrane nazis. The comment on the video states In Bulgaria, one of the deputies tore the flag of Ukraine from the building, and threw it away with the words “a fascist rag is not a place here!”

But sisi kenyans ni nani? More european than europeans, more pro yukrane than europeans. Putting nazi grafitti on our walls! Oh, my country!

@administrator @Electronics4u requesting for Siberia form on behalf of this fellow

@Hot lanyee niko na 150 KCr naomba tafasali unifungulie server niweke log analysis.
at current rates @adimin anaeza badilisha pesa musuri 135 bob.

Administrators don`t care about that Obtaining Information from member are the kind of things that get them hard.

Endorsed . Lazima members wafanye upload kwa server.


ntaongesa hamsini.

Kutibu kaswende on a good day ni 5000 kwenda juu

The math is not mathing.STOP.

Nipee vitu nigonge