Ukrainian graffiti on Kenyan walls? What in the madness!

I don’t support Ukraine because of the racism and hate they showed Africans at the beginning of the Ukraine war. Until the Ukraine government and people address their contempt for Africans, they have zero right dirtying our environment with their ugly graffiti.

The Ukrainian president has spent his time lobbying the Oscars, World cup, and other international events organizers to allow him to speak with little success. His wife has been seen in Paris shopping lavishly. Using culture diplomacy against Kenyans is their new strategy!

Get that shit off our walls!


The same Ukrainian cunts won’t look twice at a black nigger . Let them finish each other . What annoys me further. Is a whole pastor with tummies and huge head praying for Ukraine or Israel , stupid people blacks . The moment we will stop squeezing ourselves were we aren’t welcomed , that’s the moment Africans will earn some respect. That’s why I prefer Kenya hata kiumane kifike wapi . Remain where there is respect .

Pesa ya donor lazima imumunywe. Kijana focus adui yetu ni pavatee ukipata chance ya kuomoka milk it to the fullest.
Lakini behind the scenes Niko nyuma ya msito Putin afinye hao mashoga kananse.

Iko sawa kapsaa

We stand Russia

Umeingia cattle dip upunguze viroboto?

Koech hujapewa kazi na arap meno?

the western leftist cabals are using “stand with ukraine” to spread lgbtq sodomites agenda, ukiona hio mural walk the opposite direction

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When I look at the Ukrainian flag I see the colours of the American flag.

Africans we tend to praise the Caucasian race, we worship them, it’s all about money, racism if you look at the bigger picture is a class war.
A poor man has little or no friend, and a leech has two daughters all they say is give me…that’s the African mentality,aid,aid,aid, we have never gain autonomy. We shamefuly co-dependent.

Ni tumuthugu tunafanya hio kazi ya kuleta ukraine paintings hapa… next wata paint mambo ya erojibitikiu


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Let them kill bomb each other to death. White foolish cunts!

They want the African votes pale UN, and they know Kenya ni heavyweights juu kina wazungu wengi. Utaskia ‘Kenya supports Ukrainian forces with a mural drawn by a legless transgender orphan near EU headquarters.’ huko BBC. Hawajui most African nations are behind Russia.

Muthungus are very strange creatures.

Mzungu ni ghasia taka taka. When Africans are fighting no one is around to help us. When Rwandans were killing each other like dogs in 1994 no white person was around to help us. When there is xenophobia in SA, the boers who own a majority of African land are busy fucking mzansi women with juicy breasts. Now when the Europeans are fighting each other, thats when they want us to show support to them. Unaona terms like ‘Pray for Ukraine’, na waafrika wajinga we will be ready to suck the white man’s dick for a few dollars. Sadness of the world.

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