Ukraine weapons blown up



Swafi sana. Kuna weapon flani niliona hao Russians walilipua usiku kukakua mchana for like 5 seconds. Russia is still coddling these stupid ukropigs.

The funny thing is despite killing lots of NATO generals and blowing up lots of NATO weapons, Russia is retreating in Bakhmut

Very beautiful mushroom

PsyOps; so that The Clown channels more human resources into to meat grinder.

malisaa yiooooteh

In the last three days, the Russians have probably destroyed a billion dollars worth of ammunition


Funny thing about that is that Prighozin was kind enough to show us how well the meatgrinder is grinding up the ruskies



Soon it’s going nuclear , I suggest you fuck your favorite whores like goats since we might be dying soon

It’s going nowhere …
Putin will soon be toast … :D:mad:

[SIZE=7]Bakhmut has fallen. NATO ni scam mdau. Third world war lazima tumalize hao white demons.[/SIZE]


Hehehehe …
Bakhmut has been falling for a year now …
In any case , Bakhmut is just one battle …
Dream On …:D:D:D



This Wagnar Prigozhin fellow is a crafty Fox …

Withdraw from Bakhmut and hand over the territory to Russian Conscripts and prisoners before the Ukraine Summer Counter-Offensive …

That way , he saves his men from the coming defeat and further blames the Russian Military for the loss …

Watch this Space … :D:D