Ukraine war coverage reveals devastating truth about which lives are globally valued, expert says

Amid the coverage of attacks on Ukraine by Russian forces, those with ties to other countries in conflict are raising questions about inequalities in public response.
A series of clips are circulating on social media in which broadcasters and interviewees on major platforms make statements that seemingly paint Ukrainian victims of tragedy as more sympathetic than non-European victims.


Si mulisema Kenya tuko kwa index ya developed.

Putin clobber them. Kakuma na daadab nyeuthi wafukuzwe sisi kama local men we will feed them free so UNHCR should not worry. But on condition we will give us biracial childrem au vipi elders?

Am happy that they have realized they are not so savvy and immune to wars. When they heard about a war in Africa they probably didn’t care.

As a trained Guerrilla, I was thinking about going to Ukraine to help lakini nimeona wacha wafinywe kabisa.

Wauane takataka, hope it spreads to Western Europe kuharibike kabisa kuwe kama Iraq or Syria. Satanic Whyteman needs to have his numbers reduced

Kutaharibika lakini shida ni ati we need stuff from those fuckers. If Africa was self dependent. I would not care.

Hiyo ndiyo Shida ya Mwafrika.

We will develop self sufficiency out of necessity.

Japan was VERY impoverished after 1945 but by 1957 just 12 Years their industries were growing at an exponential rate.

Sio eti hatuwezi njenga magari but because they are readily available from EU and Asia then our growth is hampered.

Most of the things that you enjoy today are as a result of WAR including madawa zingine kama Dettol, Tincture of Iodine and Elastoplast. War accelerates technological advancement.

War destroys and WAR builds, it has been that way for millennia

If it takes demise of the white devils for Africans to start using brains, so be it.
Ama wazungu wakikufa wote laws of physics and mathematics that underpin everything will stop working?

Good thinking.

Bure kabisa you cunt even build a bicycle from scratch

Tusidanganyane mujamaa, Africans are too lazy to develop anything … we are only good at making noise on shosho media and getting drunk & naked. Show me any invention from Africa na usiongee mambo ya ile tuktuk ya Laikipia aka bj20.

then we deserve their 15 century like lifestyles once mzungus nuke each other to extinction

Refugees wa Yemen watapanda ndege lini

I tire with the whining. cover your own wars. they are covering theirs.
How do you expect white people to come talk about your issues? if they do cover your issues they will do so in a manner that favours them.

Necessity is the Mother of Invention …

There is nothing that Putin destroys now that cannot be built back better …

Ukraine will survive Putin , Build Back Better , become a full member of NATO and go on to become a leading nation in the region …

Germany did it …
Japan did it …


:D:D:D in an alternate universe maybe.

Except that whites also cover “our own” wars.
And except that failure to allow foreign coverage on a colored nation is bound to be condemned as failure to allow “freedom of press/speech/rights/democracy”

The very sad truth …

Kenya needs a serious Top / Down purge of all negative individuals and negative ideologies in order for real Peace , Prosperity and Progress to occur …

It will be long , bitter and initially very disruptive but it is the “baptism by fire” required of every Nation that seek to move to the next level …

That war should present third world nations with an opportunity to be not only critical of the developed nations, but to also move with speed to wean itself off begging and return to the doctrine of nonalignment.
From your quote, it’s the ukrainians that will build back better. It’s the Russians that should suffer.
But the war is felt in Kenya, where absolutely no one is involved in it. That’s how much unequal globalization has fucked the African.

you cover your own wars and also cover theirs and paint them however you want. ndio mheshimiane. Right now they have a free reign to do whatever they want because the rest dont take it seriously. even russia is realizing why it should have built its own media empire. the only people that seem to understand this apart from the west are the chinese and the japanese.
konyagi supressed coverage of somalia war so that they could sell charcoal in peace. Aljazeera does it and it paints kenyans very negatively. I can understand that the mandevu journalist was trying to support terrorism but it should have been handled better.