Ukraine Terminator Drones

Ukrainie released a video on March 20th 2024 which demonstrates new technology …
An autonomous Attack Drone which locks on with machine vision and does not require a human pilot.


The machine vision attack drone is capable of locking onto and attacking targets autonomously.
Despite radio-frequency jamming , the drone operates independently without needing a human pilot, indicating a significant technological advancement.

The push for mass production of these drones is on , with plans to build a thousand units, signaling a shift from prototype to mass deployment.

Sleeping Russian Soldier smoked by a Drone … :blush:

Smoking 03 Russian Special Forces … :blush: :fire:

Those Ukrainian FPV Drones really give bang for buck:joy: :rofl:

Desperate times calls for desperate propaganda.meanwhile kwa ground mambo ni different. Loss after loss


These Ukrainian FPV Drones could do a really good job in Somalia …:rofl::joy:

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Russian orcs should get boots out of Ukraine. That’s the only way they would know peace.

This is Putin’s War …
This War will only end wth the removal of the Putin Regime …

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These Ukranian Drones are doing a great Job … :rofl: :joy: