Ukraine orders African students to return and do exams, to also arrange for their own security.


Can they come with Russian soldiers as security?

Hawa watakuwa kidnapped na azov battalion wapelekwe bakhmut wawe canon fodder ya Wagner

Wacha hio degree ikae…

Naweza rudi kama security yangu ni Wagner

PR stunt

Those young Africans will be used as medics to treat the wounded in the battlefield. No wonder they are “responsible for their own safety and life”

Tuliza macende kayole , unasikia ?

Right now si tunajua yukrane is the darling of the west and lamestream fakenews media. The real danger is any human rights abuses, forced conscription etc they will commit against selected locals and foreigners will be buried deeper than hell.

Halafu si tunajua tu nazis and their perception that they are the superior ethnicity?

Halafu utakuta pro yukrane africans wataenda… Akshually, they should go. Yukrane si ni mzuri kwao?

Afadhali hizo degree zikae alafu magreb akuwe anazima your opinion on ktalk daily