Ukraine Killer Mini Drones

Deployed with small , mobile attack Units of Ukraine Special Forces who’s task is to harrass and exploit exposed flanks of Russian Forces …

Minimum Contact with Maximum Results…
Russia has no defence to counter these attacks …
Assymetric Warfare at it’s best … :D:D

I watched France 24 last night and even they admitted that the women and children cowering in that steel plant have been evacuated, na wewe uko hapa ati minimum contact with maximum results?

How do you reconcile the fact that Russia is balls deep in Ukraine with your Ukraine is winning posts, kaa hospitali ukatie bibi za wenyewew maneno ya vita sio forte yako

Ujinga ni kufikiria only Ukraine have this technology. Wakianza kupewa their own medicine sijui mtalilia nani. The Pandora’s box has been opened


Rexkitimba akiulizwa na Biden to bendova anauliza how low for maximum penetration

Hehe kwani mumecatch.

Ai bwana, kwani @rexxsimba akisema Ukraine wako na drones ni vibaya? Punguza emotions kaka :smiley:

actually Russia don’t have loitering munitions yet,+ this is aid from the us…over 500 + & counting, Russian tanks don’t have a chance against this threat, wacha tuskie mzito
Putin atasemaje leo victory day Moscow, but Russia isn’t wining anything in Ukraine…

When Russia first used a hypersonic missile in Ukraine on those APCs that were hiding under a mall, the drone monitoring the movement of those APCs was a kamikaze drone. Don’t get emotional over things you can’t control. Kuongeza munitions on a drone ni kitu hata ISIS walifanya. Do you really think people who have successfully built and operated hypersonic missiles wanaweza shindwa na kamikaze drones?