Ukraine kamenuka leo. Comedian and Nazis watatii

Sio fake …wamejiangushia su-34 ya $40m kama zile za M7. And it’s not the first one, earlier this year they also shot down one of their own.

Ilianza 2000 vile Putin aliingia state house and he started interfering in Kuchma govt. Putin went to war with the U.S on day 1 in office. He started by arresting oligarchs with links to the U.S.

In 2004 there was the Orange revolution. Putin akawekea haka kapanya dioxin kwa chai. Hakakukufa :



From there came the Euromaidan followed by Crimea annexation and Putin entered Syria to piss off Obama some more.

Then in 2016 Putin hit Obama and Hillary right in their vaginas.

There is nothing you can do or say in this world to convince Hillary Clinton that Putin did not steal the 2016 election from her as vengeance for Petro Poroshenko as well as Syria.

It would appear that Putin never forgave the U.S for the collapse of the USSR.

There are definitely winners pale pa requisition of arms and equipment, now it’s clear why there were accusations of Russia tampering with elections.

The only thing that has been blamed on Russia was the 2016 DNC email leak which showed that Hillary stole the DNC nomination from Bernie Sanders.

Wikileaks who leaked the emails have never even confirmed where they came from but CIA insisted and concluded the info came from Russian hackers and that Assange is a Russian asset.

But even without the leak everyone knew that Hillary was the weaker candidate against Bernie just like Biden was in his own DNC campaign. People were fed with the Arab spring. Then one day she fell down and had to be carried to her car. Also Obama wasn’t campaigning on her behalf energetically enough. Also anyone including the DNC itself could’ve leaked those emails to derail Hillary. Even Bernie could do it then later blame it on Putin. Heck Obama could also release the emails just so he can declare future war against Putin.

Multi prong approach from the democrats, a sitting democratic potus is actively involved in the Ukraine unrest, the afghan debacle and all have one thing in common…tons of American arms moving about.