Ukraine kamenuka leo. Comedian and Nazis watatii


But Ukraine is winning buana, stop your Russian prokopanda.

I love this :D:D

:D:D:D:D:D… comedian Ako pabaya zaidi!!!

Zelensky amefanya kasiii buanaaaaaa :D:D:D:D:D

the way zelensky na CNN walisema they were taking over that Mariupol steel factory and defeating Russia despite being surrounded .

Boy wa Putin na ngojea leta ya conscription. Lazima homosexual watii.

There are no winners in this damn war … only losers on both sides ; either way you look at it.

This can’t be true, I was assured by ktalk analysts that Russia was losing

War is a costly course


War isn’t a one day affair. It’s who lasts the longest.

That’s why guerilla warfare still outdoes scorched earth.

Hii vita tuipee about 4 years ndio we start having clues of the winners

In four years Ukraine will be Europe’s Somalia.

Somali that butchered our entire KDF?

Okay, it seems I’m engaging a retard.


Huyo ni recruit aliangusha hio ndege. Luckily he ejected.

tombwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa umbwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

fake news

rexxsimba anatafuta video za maongo hiko reddit alete hapa sijui Ukrainian general hero of the war.

Na hio ingine, “Putin running out of missiles. According to America’s top expert from the New York Times Putin has only 500 missiles left. He has no material to manufacture new missiles due to sanctions.”

Naye @Abba ampatie reply , " rexxsimba my lover nilikwambia Biden is very old and smart."

And yet ni juzi tu Biden alijisahau akaanza kutafuta people who died years ago. Mara sijui his son died in Iraq.




Lakini though…hii war ilianza 2014