Ukraine is civilized


so iraqis, syrians, afghans, palestians sio watu ni nyani zenye Murica inaAmka na kuamua kurushia maBomu na kombora kiholela tu???

Wazungu ni Shetani

If you were in Ukraine, story yako ingekuwa mbaya zaidi.




Wanakaa Nigerian midgets

Yeap, Naija’s.

Na bonobo ziko busy all over social media zikipost #PrayForUkraine. Hakuna mtu mjinga kama baafrika.

Mwafrika anauma hard banaa, na hii story ya hard times make hard men, is it exclusively for jungu’s only ?


Mtu a-post ile mbisha ya Mwafrika akiombea Ukraine.


The religion of the white man is White Supremacy

Nilijua tu Ukraine ni meffi and that’s why am supporting Russia.

Africans ni wajinga for real. Unakumbuka wakiweka flag ya France when there was a terrorist attack there yet the French never did the same she we were later attacked by akina Bingwa?

Ukrainians are some of the most racist people. I remember their monkey chants directed at black footballers.

“Brazilian player banned in Ukraine for response to racism”

Even black students are never safe.
“Racism and assaults: African students’ daily struggle in Ukraine”

If anyone has any way of helping Kenyans get out of there, please do. If you don’t, perhaps no one else will.

Africans we are a majorly naive people. Racism is something that is endemic, the black skin will and is at the bottom when push comes to shove.
The white man has perfected covert racism, but when in crisis expect to see his true self.
And it shows now.
Nobody ever cared about the atrocious acts of the US and his friends upon the colored nations. But a conflict within themselves, they want to armtwist the whole world into taking a side.
And for what?
Those sanctions will affect the global market and affect the very same ignorant Kenyan condemning Russia and praying for Ukraine:D
And as I said before, this isn’t our war.
Those people don’t give a damn about you, never cared and won’t for a long, long time.

Niko nyuma ya Russia heshima lasima idumu.

Where are the African governments in all this? These citizens are their responsibility. AU doing nothing as usual. Sema kuachwa kwa mataa.

Same thing happened in China when the pandemic broke, mwafrika was left in the streets in the unforgiving winter weather.


Ambassador Kimani will shortly give a hard hitting speech

Russia should carpet bomb Ukraine,vile US did to Libya. Unfortunately our gay CIC, is currently giving uk n us blow job on our behalf