Ukraine drones attach Russia .


kwani ni toy drones armed with catapults and stones

@hakimoto na mbona ni click instagram posts kwa izo dots tatu haileti option ya ‘copy link’

Mimi siko uko sijui

ata mimi @Siko_Twitter :smiley:

Instagram ni ya slekwin

ata twitter na tiktok ina depend kenye una follow na categories ume select.

They were shot down while others jammed


Putin has proved to the rest of the world…do not be scared of beberu…

the only other major one ni free Palestine…who does it…will win the world over…

…maybe Africa could free all oppressed people…by making true friends like Putin…

Wherever oppressed people suffer…we Africans suffer along … As we have gone through the most fire…and are still in it…

BRICKS…where K is Kenya :smiley: we need to align right…254 needs to join the future

Hii ni gani tena :smiley: