Ukiwa maskini wewe na umbwa hakuna tofauti


I doubt there are public hostels in Kenya where you would feel you are living like a king.
Probably only in high end private schools and private institutions.

Hehehe…hiyo nugu mbona inatusi @Uncle Thio

He is Councillor Njohi. That says it all:):):slight_smile:

Kenyan pseudo elitism at it’s best.

Ifikie @kabudaa

Ok hapo ameongea mbaya. On the real though, Kenyans in diaspora are some of the meanest people you can come across. I can personally attest to having a better living standard than most of my relatives and friends who left over 10 years ago. Now every time they are around in December they want to show us how much they can ball. That time they have nothing else to show for apart from a small piece of land they bought or a house in shagz they are to yet to complete building.

I’m happy at my workplace I get to travel out for sometime to Africa and Europe. Otherwise living abroad makes people lose the plot.

Strange! and why do all the returnees I know moved back abroad after a few miserable years in Kenya?

I a

In my working life, I have moved away from home town to hustle when I had already started making a name for myself to try out something relatively different. Though it was an experience of both worlds, I had to go back to my roots and start afresh.
All in all, when I came back I had to go back to the basics, I realized that I wasted four years in another town which I could have used to expand.
THE niggas who I left behind are really up there.
At times moving outside to different territories isnt reaaly worth it.

your guess is as good as mine. However, it’s not strange to find that those returnees can’t fit in the Kenyan environment. Life overseas can be more miserable than here. The racism, lack of growth, bad weather, isolation etc can do a good one on you.

This says a lot about your “circle” of so-called friends, associates or acquaintances.

Ever heard of that old adage, “if you are the brightest person in a room, you’re probably in the wrong one”?

Swanschieth tunajua imekuuma lakini itabidi uzoee

I thoroughly disagree. I would suggest you speak about those you know and not tar everyone with the same brush. I know many people that are doing v well abroad.

Vipi mungich?

Poa swanschieth

@Uncle Thio huishi kwa tent ya mwarabu akichunga ngamia za Abdul pale Middle East …akirudi Kenya anadai ku ball na mazda demio yake

This town you’ve stated is Narok I presume :smiley:

Hehe … nyi makhasia wawili Mungu anawaona

Mujamaa wewe jua tu everybody can never have the same story. Hii hapa ju ni yako