Ukisaidia Mumama

Kenyan by the name Mutahi Maina narrates how he was fired from a media job after helping his friend a lady get a TV job in the same company.

" I helped a friend, a lady I had come to know through a friend and neighbour get a job at our work place. She was hosting a show with one of the popular Herbal Doctors. I really pushed for her to get that job.

"She knew me both at work and outside. I had known her from my college days.

"She knew that after work, I usually passed by River Road and Nyamakima to buy electricals ,which I would then resell in Witeithie where I used to stay. It was a good business giving me 1500-2000 a day.

"After she got the job, she told me boss that I was engaged in other businesses and was using company resources to execute it!

"I just came one morning and found my boss and other staff members inspecting my computer, including email, which was logged in​:sweat_smile::sweat_smile:.

"They then printed the price lists and other proof that I was indeed in other businesses, and I was fired.:joy::joy:.

"Later I met her at Ngara, but she was too guilty to talk to me.

“If anyone refuses to help me get a job where they work, I completely understand them. Human beings can do you a bad one,” Mutahi Maina.

Courtesy / Nairobi Leo

Umungich ndio imemaliza huyu

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He made one crucial mistake of assisting bila kukula mkia first. The second mistake is sharing a very lucrative side hustle with someone. One thing is Kula pesa yako polepole. Everyone should know that you have one hustle only. Meffi yeye akule kiburi yake

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Most bosses are jealous AF and can’t fathom the idea of you doing side hustles while serving them

We all know how Media houses pay their employees, especially those behind the scenes. If the business of selling electronics paid him 2000 a day is true, then I’m sure it was significantly way more than the salary he got at inorero or Kameme. He should leave and never look back, capitalizing on his business and giving it all his enthusiasm.