This goes to these ass holes who struggle a life time to get pussy from ladies then later post their nudes in the name of exposing them. First off ,how does it help you when you expose the nudity of an innocent person just coz things didn’t work out between the two of you?? Ukiexpose mwanamke kama Malaya just coz she gave you her honey pot and saw a mature man in you,trusted you and spread her legs,possed fully naked just for you to take HD photos that you can wank to during your dry spell,you degrade yourself by running like a toddler to telegram channels and other stupid FB groups feeling like a hero while posting those photos…This nonsense must stop,kama umepewa Kuma kula na uwache ushoga…ukishindwa nayo,achia akina @uwesmake na wenzake and they will appreciate that which you feel deserves kuanikwa…and by the way if theres something for these boys to anika,ni Kuma za mama zenu coz mlipitia hapo and that’s the real meaning of mitaro…Leave the ladies alone men,you are destroying lives…Kama umeumwa sana niko Mr.Price nakuchill ukam unichape…mbwa nyinyi!!!Grow mentally.

Lamba lolo kijana mdogo

Tupe hekaya…who leaked your nudes?

Yenyewe. Lakini usikasirike saana wewe ndiye ulikubali kunakiliwa. Girls wenyewe pia wananakili video halafu they get careless with their phones and everything spills all over the place.

I agree 100% exposing the nudity of anyone that trusted you enough to drop panty ni juvenile behavior

last time niliacha ukiambiwa uchange handle yako

wewe kwanza ulichange handle yako??

Nani ameleak your nudes? Plus this trend was started by k-list by one kidinyi.

Iko kunguru ‘yako’ imeanikwa mahali?

wife wako alianikwa kwa kijiji?

Handle haibadilishwi hataa!!! Nyonya ulale…mbaff!!!

Zii ni vile hio wana haileti heshima…

sio zangu zimeleak plus nudes??mwanaume???naaaah…ni juve Fulani ameleak za classmate baana.

Sawa. Pole. Huyo girl alikwambia huyo chali ndiye ameleak? Manake kuna dem wamenishow vitu chafu sana wamebeba kwa phone na phone yenyewe password yake ni screen pattern.

The nudes industry is huuge - $300b in my guestimate

Let me hazard a guess. Your woman’s nude photographs are on the world wide web, right?

i agree with this, it makes no sense.
the only bitches you are supposed to expose are -:
1.those who come to your house and steal money or stuff
2.those that you send fare and fail to turn up
3.those that are knowingly infecting others with STDs.
this should be done in good faith to warn brothers here

Rule #1: Though shall not permit any camera devices in the tryst under any circumstance.
Rule #2: Do not blame anyone if you do not follow Rule #1.

Umepata mbicha za khupipi wako online. Pole Mjamaa.

Punguza umama, meffi