Ukipewa ....Ivi


mecho imekua chafu shes ugly

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Cover the face fire the base.
Chagua hapo.

Huyo ni mwanaume

… Run


Khafwana isuche.

Kenyans on chartubate are a big big let down.

  1. They are seldom naked. Bra na panty I their standard.
  2. No content. Just laying around on a bed clicking mindlessly. The most effort wanaweka is changing poses like a chameleon catching sun.
  3. They never put on a show. I have only ever watched one kenyan show
  4. Very disinterested. They do not moan. Do not fondle themselves. Do nothing but exist in their panties. It’s honestly a let down.
  5. Hakuna couple hata moja ya Kenya. The furthest was the show I singled out which is run by two lesbians. They don’t even act like lesbians. It just looks staged.
    Lesbian ni mtu anashika boobs anadara smart. Hawa kazi ni kuguza kama fingerprint reader.

Compared to other countries where you get to watch a show. Different content every once in a while. Toys. Real shows. Even solo shows. Squirting. Kenyans kwanza hutaki ona akiwa uchi.
I mean weh


unfortunately for you, some of them make a lot of money by just sitting there and showing their feet. the target audience is the mzungu who has very strange fetishes, especially for African women.

there are at least three Kenyan couples.
Atomic something… - though she comes alone nowadays
Pricila and Rob
Yummy something…

but you are right, it’s still not a viable way of making money for Kenyan girls (over 70% left after Lockdown was lifted), so maybe next year if Corona persists, there will be more enjoyable and vibrant girls and couples.

and most of these girls have accounts with XHamsters and other sites, so if they arent online on Chartubate, find them on Xhamsters or other Cam sites.
at times they are live on all

Mimi sikuwa naongelea pesa hata. Just a critique of the quality of their performances. I have no idea about the financial rewards.

You have been goin to the WRONG places…
and People …
Try Her …

Rozie Nduta.


:D:D:D:D:D…hii imenimalisa kapsar

apo i agree with you.
if you watch others, especially those not from Africa, youll be very disappointed by our Kenyan sisters/couples

She is so ugly I almost puked!

Does she have webbed feet? Looks like something @Agwambo would fuck

Kwa moyo mkunjufu yenye spiriti ya Krismasi naomba heshima idumu.Asante.

\south Africans mambo yote