Ukipata Visa tumia vizuri kama hawa vijana


Watapatwa tu

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If you want to travel the world make money and the world come looking for you.

Hakuna siku…wacha maboy wanukishe kitungu states angalau

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Kwani waliona nini yenye wakaamua wote hawarudi? Very hard to get people to agree to something like that.

Just remembered that there was still an Ethiopian athlete who also refused to go back to the mother country

there’s a teenage Burundi boy at my aunt’s place. he refused to go back so he works at her shop. dude can’t speak any English

How did he get here?

Really? Kenya bro. Anybody can just walk in.

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Ngonja kwanza wakamue momo za Connecticut

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hata wale wa Ethiopia hupotea Kenya every year

They will claim persecution in their country and voila, asylum status pap.

Waliamua kukamua coomer za huko ama?

They will seek assylum. Just like four Ethiopian athletes who went missing during an international track meet in Eugene, US in 2014

he shaggs ua aunt better than ua uncle… thats for sure


Was that really necessary?


hehehe. Waliskia USA ni land of the opportunists. An opportunity came and they couldn’t afford to squander it.

my aunt is 75. ewe walokwa


Natukisema hii kijiji inawazimu ,@Deorro anakataa