Ukimwi ni Bahati Mbaya

I’ve watched a documentary ya Living with HIV, hizo story ni heartbreaking joh… The saddest part ni most people wanaletewa tu ndani ya ndoa. You’re just minding your business trying to do the right thing & being as faithful as you can then shetani anacheza kama yeye. Your unsuspected partner brings you all kinds of STI gifts.

Niliwacha hii story ya stigma ata, just pray tu Sir God akuwe by your side na ata ukipata just accept it and swallow the damn ARVs. Viral load ikishuka you’re just like a HIV negative person.

Kusema ukweli mimi nimefanya umalaya miaka mingi but I always test negative at times ata nafikiria the test kits are fake. But kuna mtu hajakosea ata na amejipata Positive. I stand with you.

Take your ARVs and life goes on. Soon a cure will be found hopefully (Two people already cured,but in a risky process)

I just want to let all the souls that are living with the virus in their bodies nawapenda and no one should make you feel any less of a person. Take ARVs & continue to enjoy Sex.
None of us is any better.



With PEP and PREP readily available over the counter only a fool can contract HIV.


Really, its amazing how you feel secure and in control. That patner you think you know and trust can become a stranger to you.

Kwanza huyu ni wa multiple partners

What are side effects of preps

Malaria-like symptoms