Ukienda Harusi Carry Your Own Food

How many of these firms even have health and safety licenses? And do they not taste there own food before serving?

Buying food from slums is actually more expensive than buying food from mashinani.
Also, most high-end hotels tend to have cholera issues because most of their food are refrigerated for a longer period of time. Unapata chakula inatolewa kwa fridge alafu ikibaki inarudishwa.

Wow! You must be very reach. I have never been to suchlike a function!

I have only one rule, eat before going to any event or function…
Food handling is very poor amongst many people, seems like homescience lessons were not so useful after all…

I rarely attend weddings and such social events but when I do, I make sure napitia kwa Mwas nijibonde na half choma ama fry ndio niland. Hapo sasa inakuwa ni kunywa soda moja ama maji na kujitoa at my own time. This way, I avoid three things; possible cholera, badly cooked food ama kuwekwa njaa. Kwanza functions za shinys. Sijui nani aliwambia everything has to be mixed in one sufuria without salt with tons of water for soup.

umesahau waru

:D:D:DWaru and minji are the ever present but silent guests in shiny affairs.

How about getting Vaccinated??

This is where pombe husaidia, drinks lots of it after a heavy meal, it also helps digest, you won’t have indigestion and weird stomach upset issues.

oldest excuse ya walevi…tunawajua sana

You know you don’t really need alcohol to get intoxicated, there are better and less riskier ways of getting drunk or high.

Mashinani is where?

Stop being stupid. Kwani you go to functions to eat free food? There’s no food at your house? Or what? Endelea kukula vya bwerere with no concern about your health. Soon you will be at the morgue. You Greedy pig.