Ukienda Harusi Carry Your Own Food

A wedding last weekend turned tragic after one family member died and more than 40 guests fell ill from food poisoning and cholera.

At least 10 guests and family members are admitted in various Nairobi hospitals after testing positive to cholera.
The food - for a total of 450 guests - was supplied by Hot Dishes, a Nairobi-based restaurant with outdoor catering services.

Hot Dishes Director Salome Mwangi yesterday said she could not comment as she was attending the burial of a staff.
(ile ngombe inpostingi mbisha za chakula hapa iko wapi, labda ndio hio ilinyuria)

I smell subotage

you have a wierd sense of smell

i know you are suffering from something, but that does not excuse you this

How do you create chorela?

Kusema the 409 other guest in watu machokoste…not a simple cholera does affect them.

That guy has a very acute sense of smell.

:smiley: ok. sabotage.

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Ungeandika tu succotash. Rudi ngumbaru.

Caterers buy food from slums for big events. I have a relative in the business so I know. It’s cheaper and requires less manpower. Slum water however is contaminated with sewage alot sooo.

I don’t eat in functions with buffet. I only eat where it’s a la carte. You order your food in advance and it’s cooked after the order.

it’s just a case of mwenye haja huenda choo…

This has been happening a lot in recent years. It all boils down to greed which is ingrained in our DNA ( some of us). Whoever was cooking knew some ingredients were not up to scratch but has prolly been getting away with it for a long time.

i beg to differ
DNA yangu haina hio grain

:DOki let me edit hapo juu.