Ukatwe Tax, Then Ununue Nyumba Iliyonjengwa Na Na Hiyo Tax. KENYA NEEDS A COUP DE' TAT

Fvck this garbage UDA government. Someone explain the legality of this useless scam being perpetrated on Kenyans by this HIV infected THIEF from Sungoi

If it is a must that they construct houses then the amount of one’s contribution MUST be deducted from the buying price. Kama mtu amekatwa Ksh 1 Million then Ksh 1 Million ipunguzwe kwa buying price.

Secondly how can you own a house built on public land? Zile nyumba ziko Jogoo Road bado ni za serikali hata kama kuna watu wameishi for generations.

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Hii roberly with violence. Nyumba is built by your forced tax, built on grabed public land , built by duty free materials then sold to Kenyans at market rates.


Who told you the conman is after building you houses? That is just his slush fund for him and other kalemenos to steal.


People are living In fear , we are back to moi terrorism regime…biasala zinafungwa watu wakiongopa new rules , vikundi hata kupata certificate imekua hectic and 10 times more expensive.naskia eshitizen inaruniwa na kijana ya JSKS and kalasinga boyfriendment


I am totally not on board with this housing fund nonsense. Its just avenue to steal the meagre resources Kenyans have. Sugoi man should have been impeached by now. We are already tired as a country ffs.

No difference with rentals. I would prefer they direct the resources to building health(hospitals) na shule(research). Lakini serikali kuna bongo lalas.

hii itakua the biggest pyramid scheme Kenya

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