Ukambani senator Taken ill in a likely blue pill scenario

A senator from Ukambani was taken ill from an apartment he was in Kilimani with a woman since yesterday evening. He had asked the woman to come to meet him at the apartment for a gland-to-gland combat. The woman reported that the senator developed headaches and after taking painkillers he still continued exhibiting more symptoms of sickness. She talked to the apartment management who called an ambulance. The senator is admitted in ICU at Nairobi Hospital.

Men please, dont bite more than you can chew. There is nothing to prove.


wakamba wote huwa na pepo la ngono


Kambas and sex ni kama kurogwa. But am not complaining. I love them Kambodian ladies.

There’s truly nothing to prove. Unajiumiza bure

Classic Ktalk Lexicon! :smiley:
Cant find it anywhere else.

@Tom Bayeye rushanga misemo sampuli hii achanga upussie.

Wacha mtu achukue slices riwe riwaro

Wakamba wamerogwa na ngono