Ukambani - Land of weak men (politically)

Kambodians used to be a respected community but in recent times they have devalued themselves. Very few communities have the numbers to be relevant politically and Kambodians are one of them but instead of using those numbers properly they are squandering that potential due to weak men. The main culprits are the following

Kalonzo Musyoka

He thinks that he is the shit but everyone knows otherwise. His main political adviser must be mkamba mjinga @PHARMACY because the moves he makes hazieleweki. From being the most powerful politician in OKA to being sent home to look after cows after failing to land the VP position. While all his peers have either progressed or remained the same, he is the only one who is worse of. Wanaume wengine wakienda huko nje kutafuta kura yeye anangoja kupewa position like a bitch. Very weak man know for his indecisiveness.

Alfred Mutua
Kenya’s biggest and most high profile cuck.

Despite having the keys of Machakos county alikuliwa bibi na chokoraa. Juzi he joined Kenya kwanza for a major demotion from Governor to Mp. Even worse is the fact that he may have to give up his hotel to his ex who cucked him.

Do I even need to explain further

He also has homo tendencies

And his wife wears the pants in the relationship


And finally the worst of all

[SIZE=5][COLOR=rgb(184, 49, 47)]House Negro mentality[/SIZE]
Tangu kitambo kambas wamekua notorious house negroes. Kutoka Chief Kivoi who was a slave trader and helped white explorers travel in Kenya to Kilonzo and Mutua who snitch on fellow Africans in Industrial area to gain favor with muhindi employers. The slave mentality needs to go and Kamba men need to style up.


Tuongezee babako hapo chenye anafanya kwa hio list

Kambodia tulia

nasalimia mkamba @chap

wewe pia ni half mukamba wacha kujifanya hapa

Kambas will eventually conquer somali territory beyond Tana and it will become cuckland.

Let Mukamba do his thing. Major Political defections are anticipated towards elections.

Not with Mama Ngilu at the helm.

@kah tony is another one. Cuck AF

Bambela and chap should be topping that list


Plot twist, I’m a kisii. The cucks of all cucks.

Kumbe @poyoloko ni wetu bado:D:D:D:D:D:D nilijua mama ya poyopoko ni mkamba

mama ni mkamba baba ni mluhya

Jina lake ni Humphrey wafula mutua simiyu

Mtoto hufwata kabila ya baba ghassia

Babako alioja coomer ya wakamba akasahau na hio Mila zenu za ushenzi