Our grandfathers and fathers never gave a hoot as far as being tribalistic was concerned. Their tribal sentiments were overt. After going to school and interacting with different people from different backgrounds, I now know better.

My generation - tribalism is covert…chini ya maji. The intolerance is not as pronounced as it was before. I have good friends from the ‘bad’ communities and weve accomplished alot together. There are exceptions though; the hardliners (from both divides), despite their phds and academic achievements. These, according to me, will be the most responsible for relaying that bad seed, if it ever gets to that, but God forbid. I lump them together with the ignorant souls who had the misfortune of lack of an opportunity to acquire knowledge through an education system, who froth at their mouth at the mention of a ‘bad’ tribe. Theyre in every part of our beloved country.

My children and grandchildren - Ukabila itakuwa upus tu kwao. I look at their innocence right now and want to imagine thay they’ll just laugh it off shaking their heads in wonderment at their forefathers backward thinking in the name of this retrogressive thing called ukabila.

Is this just my wishful thinking? Am I too optimistic to a fault? Is this naivety personified? I don’t want my progeny and their generations to experience and go through what I’ve seen. I’d rather they just learn all this from their history lessons.Am I envisaging utopia, good people?

Ama ni gilbeys inaongea hapa?:D:D

in the same spirit, angusha ile hekaya ya Thailand buda

Oh Lord…looks like this will haunt me forever. Anyway…ahadi ni deni. Naiangusha one of these fine days. Watch this space…

Utakuta space imegrabiwa…


Ata Luther ali dream. This will come to pass in the next near future. Heck… some of us apa kwa kijiji might live to see it

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We do not have the time. Its like watching paint drying…

Give your views on the matters at hand first. Shemale stories underway…

Hapo pa grandparents i agree, last week i had a lenthy talk with my cucu over the issue. She said tribalism mainly comes when political issues are being discussed. When it comes to interacting socially and economically someones tribe is irrelevant. Mind you she is over 85 Years

Many of this category are here in ktalk. Just passed thru the school system coz they had to…reasoning zero , kingpins reason for them


What did the masses say during the referendum. That sums everything.
@Riakanau mbathi ya Embu happy now?

Tribalism directly affects us in many ways . Mainly when supporting corrupt politicians. The day we will blindly fight corruption will begin the neutralization of tribalism. That is, it will still be present, but have little negative effect.

You’re not the only optimist in this respect. I, too, dream of a time when tribe and these artificial borders we inherited from colonialists will be just that: arbitrary inconsequential lines on the ground.

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Give your views on the matters at hand first. Shemale stories underway…

I envision the fruit of my loins living in a better Kenya. Believe yiu me, it shall come to pass. Equate this to a prayer.


As small towns and villages become urban centers, tribalism will end. Case in point Nbi where NASA rites are supporting Sonko and Sakaja. In 2013, Kidero was voted in by Jubilee supporters, never mind his tribe.My only worry is that tribal languages will become extinct in future.

niaje @Purple :slight_smile:

Poa sana my fren…niaje :slight_smile:

fiti…uko area kwani?

Haha yes, niko area. Tuende inbox…