UK, US warn of possible Tanzania protests

Britain and the United States have warned their citizens in Tanzania to exercise caution ahead of possible anti-government protests on Thursday.


Hakuna kitu kama hicho. Hayo ni maandamano ya kwenye Instagram. Hahahaha!!

You are queer.

This is why megafools amefinya internet and introduced draconian laws to govern it. Since he has outlawed political rallies, banned elected leaders from discussing politics outside their electoral seat boundaries, closed completely 10 stations, killed a dozen journalists, half a dozen political leaders and one failed assassination attempt. Internet remained as the only source people could mobilize. By tomorrow he will shut it down.

He, he, he, Tanzania???
Si ata mngeweka ngazi ya aluminium.

Yaani Mauritius has the capacity to handle A380 but Tz doesn’t? But this stupid pilot, si yeye pia anajua airports have to upgrade their facilities to handle this plane?

Landing it isn’t the problem. Its whether their is enough shoulder width to safely taxi the runway length, turn and park. Then IAAF airport grades says that every plane must be able to discharge all its passengers in not more than 30 mins after landing invade of emergency. Since A380 is a double decked that means the airbridges must be replaced with those that allow double stalked bridges so that they get out at the same time. The cargo platforms handling machines nerds also to be upgraded, the fuel lines and the water/sewerage lines as well. In the end you need to upgrade your airport for this plane alone and those facilities remain idle until it comes back. Most airports find that as wasteful investment and that’s why it hasn’t been popular globally. Only flies to major airport hubs.

JKIA also doesn’t!

hawa britain na united states wamejawa na wivu tu

Yes we don’t, let’s use that money to improve the airport that to court this one plane.

Ati IAAF?! Kwani the athletics body sets airline guidelines nowadays? Or maybe he meant FAA.

Be that as it may infrastructure upgrades for the A380 are not that expensive. They are not so expensive such that a country like Kenya can’t afford them comfortably. In fact in developed countries local engineers design the air bridges, they are not difficult engineering achievements. But in Kenya’s case our engineers are just paper engineers. Even a simple footbridge ni shida kujenga. And in any case, if you can’t afford to build an air bridge or you really don’t need an air bridge due to lack of space then just use a mobile staircase like this one in Saudi Arabia that is being used on an Emirates A380 plane. Sio lazima mjenge air bridge.

The problem isn’t airport upgrades but rather the fact that the A380 plane itself wasn’t a big star. Very few airlines have bought that plane and they only fly a few destinations worldwide. But it would be prudent in JKIA’s case to be ready since emirates owns a huge fleet of A380s and one day they might decide to fly some of these planes to African destinations. No need to miss out on 500 plus planeful of passengers just because we didn’t have the capacity to handle such a plane.

The airport should be ready, the runways should also be ready and stay ready. JKIA is an important hub internationally. The Kenya govt. has to think big. There was talk of construction of a second runway at JKIA that can also handle an A380 are the plans still on course ama govt. iko broke?

I found this very old article from 2011 that says JKIA had plans to build a double decker air bridge at one of their gates. I don’t know if it ever materialized.

Hahahaha. Maandamano no ya kwenye Instagram tu na kwenye jamiiforums ambayo kwa sasa haipatikani kwa muda.