UK still burning Russian-sourced energy reveals new figures - BBC Newsnight

Estonia prime minister, a rabid anti russia pro west leader kumbe preaches water and drinks wine in regards to putin and russia.

As she froths at the mouth with anti russia rhetoric, she has been enjoying russia monies thru her husband who has been evading anti russia sanctions.

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Estonia’s Kaja Kallas refuses to resign over husband’s Russia ties

4 days agoKaja Kallas, Estonia’s prime minister and a leader of the EU’s anti-Kremlin bloc, has said that she will not resign after coming under pressure over her husband’s business ties to Russia. Ms …

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Kabla mtu aseme I’m quoting fake news lamestream media, I do so intentionally to aggravate pro west guys. Ndio wasiseme I’m putting russia state media. Just putting this out there for whatever its worth.

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I find the hypocrisy of the West quite entertaining!

They cut off their nose to spite their face. Its a mystery how immediately one leaves office then they see the folly of their ways how they interact with russia.