UK oil tanker hit by houthi missile

It’s sinking slowly.

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This will end badly for the Houthis. They better keep their rockets for Sana’a.



So this means the Houthis did not listen to the warning from Kenya, we need to issue a much stronger worded warning


Why cant it end badly for meddling europeans?

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Huyo houthi kingpin kidogo atajipata anajificha kwa mtaro kama gadafi na ule musito wa hermass


I know the trajectory this argument will take, and I do not waste time on useless arguments. Let’s compare notes in the very near future.

Okay. What I know is having all fire the fire power in the world and then having pesky buggers without matching equipment hindering supremacy has got to be annoying. Perhaps expectations in ones superior abilities are not being managed well as opposed to the other side who are exceeding their miniscule expectations. That’s where belligerents stand.

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Heuthis conquering the world one missile at a time. Nyeuthis should take a few lessons here.

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Fuel prices in kenya to increase after the houthi attacks.


This is very interesting.


Houthis or is it or skinnies kina @mayekeke na @Bingwa_Scrotum, mtalimwa proper very soon. Hide your valuable donkeys in bunkers, save something for yourself


I keep saying in these Forums …

The world wide War on Terror is being fought with all the WRONG tactics

Flat Bombing territories or embargoes do not work …

The formula is to Terrorize the Terrorists

  • conduct covert operations only with highly skilled and motivated hit squads.
  • no publicity and no prisoners.
  • single out their leadership , families and facillitators for targeted assassination.
  • go after their training , logistics and C3 facilities , financiers and assets.

And if you don’t know how to do it , ask MOSSAD:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Subbie usinitaje taje I could be your owner

Remember when the world felt sorry for the Houthis when ISIS was busy slaughtering them circa 2014-16? Should’ve let them finish the job. These are not good people like the media once portrayed them.

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It is a proxy war. The UK and US are trading carefully. The Yemeni army are still safe at this point.


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Musau, you must have been born from a long lineage of those kamba folks who used to eat dogs, and claimed to be starving coz of a drought.

Bado kionjo, what poeple do not understand is that it’s not the oil itself that is important, it’s the derivatives market. While only 2.5 trillion of global trade passes near yemen, and of that they stop around $100 billion of it, there is a bigger story in derivatives trading. THe market is estimated to be worth over 54 trillion in 2031.

That means that while houthis can stop $1 billion in trade, they are stopping hundreds of billions in the derivatives market. That is why the response from the UK and US has been so visceral. It’s not about the physical goods, it about the backing of papers behind that one ship. It could send their empire of papers crumbling. Now, it will not affect the profitability of companies but anyone holding the deirviates could see the fizzle to thin air.

Am not sure even the mirraa chewing houthis understand their true impact on the world. We often think the next world war will be between major powers but it could be just a small band of rebbels armed with cheap drones that kneel down the world.


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