UK ni mtu mashash

I watched him at the UB40 concert video dancing with a guy next to him with in a t-shirt with a weed design covering his whole back. The plug I guess.

Me.niko nyanya

Me too

Riz Mbao Na Thao!!!:eek::eek:

Slow Burn-
Even Burn
100% Chlorine Free

Alien Puff Unbleached(Brown) Tobacco, Rolling


1/Reqular/Queen Size: 60 Leaves/Booklet| 50booklets/ Box | KES: 2000

1 1/4/Medium: 50 leaves/booklet | 50 Booklets/Box | KES: 2500

King Size: 33leaves/booklet | 50 Booklets/Box | KES: 3000

3 Booklets 1 1/4 KES 250
8 Booklets 1 1/4 KES 500
Booklets 1 1/4 KES 1000

Queen B nadai Malawi Gold

I dont know about cannabis, but im for comp leting the journey with Uhuru Kenyatta

I would love to spark sensi with jicho nyanya while lounging on statehouse green lawn.

As long as no handchieth or bbi shit I think the experience can be dope.

Unataka Riz ya Gold?

Malawi gold ni strain Fulani

Ah zii hapo si guzi mimi ni Karatasi tu

Ukipata nistue

Nataka io rizzler

Size Gani

Kuna Inbox