UK in 001 to sell our crude which we shall buy back after its refined.

President Uhuru Kenyatta is scheduled on monday to flag-off the inaugural shipment of Kenyan crude oil from the port of Mombasa.

Officials said the export of the Kenyan crude oil will start with a shipment of 200,000 barrels marking Kenya’s entry into the league of oil-exporting countries.

The crude oil from Turkana Oil fields, which is being mined by Tullow Oil, is being exported to Malaysia.

A Chinese company, Chemchina, has bought the first batch of the Kenyan crude oil at USD12 million, which is approximately Sh1.2 billion.
Wasomi wa Ktalk, what happened to our refinery?

They said it will be expensive for Kenya to have one than export crude oil. Call spear to explain

@spear come small please.

When we had chagamwe oil refinery it helped our economy we were exporting products yet we don’t have oil but mismanagement government failed to up grade it.
Value addition is key .
Importing rifined fuel is high profit for cartels

Kenya yetu, mwelekeo hatuna…

Changamwe oil refinery was run down and declared defunct.

Refinery hakuna kitu ilifanya. Ni mitambo zilizimwa. Uhuru knows what he is doing, and knows his commission is bigger without a local refinery than with a refinery. Kila trip Prime fuels walikua wanakula 300k per truck kupeleka mafuta mombasa. kenya ikipoteza pesa io pesa hipotei kama ndege ya malaysia, inaingia kwa mifuko za royal family gatundu

The quality of oil being produced at Tulow is not same in quality as that which is produced in places such as Saud Arabia. In short, haijaiva vizuri it needs further downstream processes to make it profitable ndio maana Kenya is exporting it in crude form.


Wasomi wa Ktalk, what happened to our refinery?

Refinery was decommissioned.
When refining crude oil you need to obtain more of light distillates ( C1 / C2 ,LPG, Petrol , Naphtha) Middle distillates ( Diesel,Kerosene, HFO) and very little of heavy distillates (Wax , HFO, Base Oils and Asphalt).
The 2 refineries commissioned in 1963 and 74 could not produce more of the light and middle distillates and it was not economical to run. It was cheaper to buy refined product rather than do it locally.

Ours is the sweet and waxy crude oil which is highly sought across the world for blending with other low quality crudes to attain better properties.
It fetches a higher price in the oil market.

President Uhuru Kenyatta currently at the Port of Mombasa to officialy flag off inaugural shipment of Kenyan Crude Oil to Malaysia; crude worth Ksh1.2B to be exported to Chinese firm based in Malaysia by MV Celsius Riga which is docked at the Port.

sande sana,
its clear now.

Kenyans should calm down.
This Turkana oil is very little to do anything meaningful to the country, unless much more is discovered.

Even at the highest estimates of the amount daily production will peak at, it will only make about $1.5 billion a year at current prices.
After Tullow takes its cut, transportation etc… the government will likely keep less than Ksh50 billion per year.

really, is the crude ours, ata wa turkana hawatapata any, oil is a curse

Moi could explain this and many other questions, but he’s sinile !

Tullow Oil Kenya Managing Director Martin Mbogo at the Kipevu Oil Terminal

Did you know that Kenyan Crude is considered sweet (it has relatively low sulphur content) and is attractive to buyers

MMNN on the ground