UK facing Serious Heat Wave. Temperatures Could Hit 43°C Tomorrow

Sodom and Gomorrah of Europe is on fire.


Na bado msito putin ana wangoja time ya winter. Lazima kielewekeee msito putin atakuwa anakohoa homosexual wanaharaa.

In short atakua nyuma Yao?

Be thankful for the moderate weather patterns the equator provides.

[SIZE=6]UK heatwave: Temperature could hit 42C today[/SIZE]


This is an ancient egyptian prophecy. The Sun is the fire of nature that is causing the skin cancer and eventual the elimination of
people without melanin, the cursed seed

naskia mpaka lami inamelt buana

I put up a similar thread on Saturday but some illiterate moron dismissed it. There’s a serious catastrophic fire incident across Europe right now.