UK Displaying Maturity Over WSR

The Uhuru to government performed dismally during its 10 years in office. However, the spat by his partner in crime, WSR has been responded to maturely.

You think so? Wacha majamaa wa UDA wafuke hapa utafikiria Uhuru aliua na kurape mama zao

Upuss mlevi aende nyumbani akishamaliza mzinga yake.

He knows Kenyans are angry with him sasa amekunja mkia. Hata shosh angekujiwa na DO for killing J.M K

Brilliant strategy by @Gatheca.
He pulled JSKS and JSKM to a trap and they erupted yesterday.
Now his cool calm and collected response has left the dynamic thugs with eggs on their faces.

He didn’t know it but Gashagua outbusts costed JSKS mount Kenya votes.

Maturity you say? Jicho meffi has been badmouthing arror all along and now that he finally clapped back he wants to play it cool? What a hypocrite.

Mlevi has more egg on his face to looting and destroying our economy, nothing he does can pull him from that mess


abarikiwe mtukufu rais wadau


He’s just been telling jambas suku ukweli

Oh well. He will retire wealthy and in peace. Everything else, is wishful thinking.

Thats NOT guaranteed
Hizo ma lands Jomo alinyakua zita endewa at some point.

Not sure Kalenjins ni bangi gani mnavuta siku hizi.

Not in this life time.

Utapata AP na GSU huko wameweka guard. Watch Lee Njiru’s interview to understand how power works, it revolves around a few families and individuals.

Not really. If Ruto does this, it sets precedent for future presidents to do this to him and he knows this.
Ruto will just sideline Uhuru’s family and business associates from GOK tenders and remove any favoritism that Uhunye enjoys. That’s all.

In Kenya somethings will never happen even in a million years