UK Church turned into bars and brothels. (Pic)

Enyewe the more rich you are the more nonsensical the concept of God becomes. Yaani hakuna occupants hadi inabidi zikuwe tu bars. Smh.


The country will suffer for abandoning the Lord

Sisi wenye tumekwamilia mungu we are suffering now. What is our ultimate?

We will soon get rewarded for sticking with him

Nyumba ya mungu ipatiwe heshima tafadhali

Wakuipea heshima long moved to artificial intelligence, machine learning, biotechnology, nano technology et al.

Utangoja sana. They are actually prospering daily. (But kuna ka implication in terms of social decay)

Pray for them to change their ways.
While at it, priss priss…
Also pray for @Thirimaii to change his ways and get saved like you and I mdau.

I will surely pray for brother Kimakia to see the light and change his ways before it’s too late

Money without morals is like a vehicle without brakes

Which god ? the middle eastern deity that raped a virgin and is his own father who died for our sins to save us from himself ?

Wewe chunga

Halleluya Amen

UK approves this

Endeleeni kungoja:D:D

Bora iko na ngata

But you know it’s a sure death vessel!

Tutasmamisha na gear reverse

Msito Kratos, God of War, amekosaje kwa list yako? Mpaka atheists wanatambua yeye[ATTACH=full]378165[/ATTACH]