UK and US place travel ban on Southern Africa

Starting Monday travelers from South Africa, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Namibia, Lesotho, Eswatini, Mozambique and Malawi not allowed.

New variant detected.

Kenya tuli wa Ban pia vile walituletea frivolous bans , siku hizi tunaheshimiana . kama hatunge retaliate last time ungeona wametupiga ban ati Uhunye alikuwa huko juzi

Stay in your zoo

Watu wakule na kufagia kwao [COLOR=rgb(209, 72, 65)][SIZE=1]Mcooshite 1456 BC[/SIZE]

Bantu Federation in the mud:D

Very unfair considering that all South African scientist did was to discover the variant…its not like it originated from South Africa.

I find it weird when a European calls Africa his continent but its all good. You cant be African and at the same time be racist…to your colonisers right?

Bonobo hujawahi skia Boer??? Ata Bantu wenyu wakisifiwa lazma tu utafta vitu negative bado?

Was there a travel ban from India when the Delta Variant was a big deal? If there was, this is fair. If there was none, no comment

South African warudi kwao we don’t want them here fuck the Zulu

We should wait for our turn. The recent excitement In Europe point to the rest of Africa being banned. As the winter crept in the number of infections was already beginning to raise. Pointing fingers at the black continent and blaming it for all it’s misfortune has always made the European somehow feel better.

Yes there was


Pointless exercise ,hio variant iko continental Europe already, Boris Johnson is just playing political soap operas chieth.

Apologies in advance for putting this commercial break in this serious thread. Normal programming should resume immediately afterwards.


Its a quandary. South africans are kind of known about their ‘unfriendliness’ to other bleck africans. Now white folk are limiting their contacts with them. Sad that neighbouring countries are caught up in this mix. :frowning: