Uhuruto should go home in 2022

They have finished the 2x5yr contracts we gave them. Na siku ya retirement itafika August 2022. One of them is trying to change his colors like a chameleon (eti anaanza kujiita UDA) so as to remain behind but we wanjikus wont allow to be duped, siku ya retire ikifika kila mtu anaenda nyumbani.






I agree. Wakwende kabisa.

We need a system reset.

I see the man is trying hard to get everyone on board, especially the young professionals, minds that he can manipulate easily.


He should also congratulate jubilee for winning Muguga.

But he’s been doing just that every evening after work?

i support this…

That’s true. Waende wote nyumbani especially Uhuru, Ruto, Raila, Kalonzo, Mudavadi etc. We should elect a less tainted leader like Mukhisa Kitui or Martha Karua

Liwe liwalo

Don’t be a hypocrite:D. You should have had this debate in 2017 and not after uhuru has finished his term . “Yangu kumi ruto kumi” that’s the deal everyone knows

Even Looter should go home

Raila too has been a defacto DP from 2018. Akwende Bondo pia

Sadly Ruto will be the 5th if he will be alive.

Raila is the next Kenyan president ,

Mukhisa can khis that seat goodbye, let’s be honest.

Ongezea sauti ile mungich ya ndeiya iskie. @Motokubwa since i started voting i have never lost. This time na kufa na morio wa odinga.

Wechez,don’t try me

Kenyans know that all too well. But they also know that the current system produces only two horses in the race, of the same color. The system provides two rotten alternatives. While one horse has been part of borrowing, the other is calling for more borrowing for ‘stimulus program.’

Jakuon anawai hii kitu. Hawa vijana ni wezi tupu. Last warning @Wechez ni nani humbwer hii.

Uhuru has too much at stake and I do not believe he is going to relinquish his grip on power as soon as 1 year from now. The day the new president is officially sworn in I will be convinced that he is really going home like Kibaki did. I don’t know who the new president will be but I doubt it will make much of a difference in the lives of the average citizen. Not positively anyway.