UhuRuto Game Plan

You’re the spinner here

Babuon is awaiting to pocket the 200k every NASA electee is contributing for his retirement. Fanya hesabu

Getting campaign money is not a joke. Before august elections, there is a week nasa did not campaign.

Now shut up and Wait!

Hey deejaay, spin that wheel

Wengine watakataa

after all is said and done RWNBP

As you slowly ferk off. You don’t have to comment on everything.

NASA kitty still has a billion + my fren.

Why did you? Chill your fat fingers you do not own the village

And this is part of the NASA game plan that people like you seem to have fallen for

Toa makende hapa,if you don’t have anything to add.

Meffi! Go kiss a cactus.

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Brace yourself for a series of losses from now henceforth. Read the signs of the times boss.

KANU will rule for a 100 years sucker.

The same Jubilee which said Nasa should not call for consultatios . Now they want consultations. This time Jubilee imejianiaka.

Jubilee supporters have always been askig, hii kura ya Raila huwa inaibiwa akiwa wapi? Raundi hii amewanasa

Why did’nt Uhura ask for a recount?

Haki hii kijiji imejaa wajuaji…eti ooo Uhuru aliiba 140 votes in 10000 polling stations eti oh, NASA has 1billion in their account. My question would be, is it 1b Zimbabwe money? Coz with the recently launched paybill number and this 1b statement, something looks amiss.

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How is it that no one could see but you can see ??? (and by you I mean NAswa) Mko na specs kubwa, youre eyes percieve more colour or your backyards are only greened by carrots? No one can see malpractise but Naswa can… Very puzzling!!