Uhuruto effect on families. Health. Societies

Back in 2012 before Uhuz took power the only place u could tega a lady was fb. Tulikua pale cyber cafe ngara tukitega fb madame mbaya. Lanyes only in cbd. And noone did them. Except truck drivers na makanga.

Then 2017 the smart phone era came. And uhuz 2nd term. This is where shit hit the fan. (Personally me niliingia 2020- late bloomer)

Kudandika lanye fimbo is the norm. Noone will scorn you. Hadi watchmen kwa plot wamezoea.

Why the saturation u ask?

Simple. Dirty money in hands of the rich mbillionaires (thats u and me). The poor getting poorer coz of inflation.

Dont get me wrong. More mbitches for us.

But overall u have a unhealthy society. Morally shaky i.e watu kukula underage, pastor na member, mboch, coworkers kufinyana kwa office. Less families i.e. outbreak of single mothers. Ohhh yeah and more lanyes than any1 knows what do to with.

Me naonanga dunia haiwezi endelea hivi. Its too good to be true.

Pic 4 clout. Dame tu wa only fans amemua kudiversify. Utawala real. Analipisha expe me nililenga. Btw kama huna tinder, hi5 na badoo kwa simu unatupa

Pussy has never been so accessible as it is right now in this country
Men it’s our turn… reparations time

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Badoo niko na notifications 247. Kwani nimekua dame?

This cant go on for much longer.