Uhuru's Second Term: Food Security

I fear that we may be heading down a dark road. The only way I see Uhuru having this nation food secure is if he gives in and allows GMO corn to be sold to Kenyans. GMO crops are engineered to increase yield and lower production costs but at what cost? GMO seeds are patented products and Monsanto controls 90% of the worlds GMO seeds our farmers will have to sell their souls to be allowed to plant those crops. Our reliance on Maize has shown that this is our Achilles heel and a very big danger to our society. If we Uhuru sells us down that dark road this country will be at whims of boardroom decisions on which crops should fail if we don’t tow the line.

We don’t have to go down this path. I have a solution.

Recently I’ve started eating Kamut(Kah-moot) also known as Khorasan wheat. The grain is a form of wheat but it very much tastes like corn which is amazing and it has a lot more nutritional value than Maize. It contains more proteins, lipids, amino acids, vitamins and minerals which is a boost since it will give a lot of our people a lot of nutrients they lack in their diets. This is an ancient grain that was grown in ancient Egypt, Mesopotamia etc. and it allowed the Egyptians who lived along the Nile to plant and feed and grow the land of the Pharaohs. With this grain which is packed full with of energy is what powered them to build all those amazing ancient structures. The grain is very simple to grow and it’s known for its drought tolerance and the best soil to grow it are black clays with a certain water storing capacity, also known as Black Cotton soil which we have a ton of it in Kenya. If we can maximize on growing Khorasan wheat in small batches we could be easily on our way to be a food secure nation by diversifying our dependence on Maize.

My Kenyan Brothers and Sisters try and look for this grain in the shops. Go home cook it for your family or yourself and you’ll see that this grain will change your life.

Another super grain that we can grow here in Kenya is called [SIZE=7]Spelt. [SIZE=1] [/SIZE][SIZE=4]It was grown in ancient Europe this is the grain the grew some of Europes greatest civilizations from the Greeks, Romans, etc. This is another grain high in nutrients that will be essential securing food security in our country without relying on the dangers of GMO crops.[/SIZE][/SIZE]

This is another grain I have incorporated into my diet and I’m telling you I feel amazing. These are the types of grain our government and the ministry of agriculture should be trying to diversify us into instead of having to rely on Maize.

I don’t want to hear about cartels because they can’t influence consumer spending but we as a whole must change our eating. Looks for this grain locally and try it in your home and come here and tell me if you like it or not.


ulikuwa diagnosed na kaugonjwa kagani ndio ukule hizi mbegu?

But you have a point. I also noticed developed nations have very diversified diets. Sio food group tano kama wakenya. The Japanese eat almost everything in the ocean including seaweed. There’s a very slimy monster fish with a gigantic liver and humongous ovaries. Ikiwa season wanakula sana specifically those parts among many other unique foods and grains. Nao wanagonga 117 years.

And about food security I can’t really blame uhuru in particular. Most times we as Africans are just lazy na MARINGO MINGI SANA. For instance if you count the number of hours a Nairobi man wastes in a bar every day and every weekend or just reading useless newspapers and empty gossip its quite alarming. Na hawezi guza mchanga ama uchafu ati it’s beneath him.

Hata in his home environment tumerundikwa na taka taka ati Uhuru akuje aokote. Maji ya sewage inakukuta kwa nyumba you have no idea what to do to save yourself or your family! Hujui a simple jembe inashikwa aje kutoa mchanga kwa drain. A simple jembe! And you call yourself a man. Ati hio ni kazi ya sonko and his kanjo…

Hata gari yako huwezi jioshea lazima uende car wash and you have water in your tap! Then, just look at a mzungu or a Japanese man those fuckers are always busy.

Anakunywa bia moja anaenda, sio ashinde kwa bar. Anaosha gari yake na ni CEO mzima! Anaenda fishing hio anashika ndio watakula jioni. Anakata nyasi. Anatengeneza roof. Busy busy busy.

On the weekend wanasafisha estate alafu wanaenda kucheza golf. He even learns how to grow grapes, how to grow pomegranates, how to make his own beer… jobs we us African men ordinarily consider beneath us! And they don’t complain, they don’t gossip by the age of 55 hakuna activity hajawai fanya. That’s why they are secure in every aspect of their lives including food security. Na anajua kukwamua sewage sio kuangaliana kama wajinga kukinyesha.That’s why they discover seeds like those you are eating.

The real problem is that there are too many farmers doing nothing but customary rituals on their half acre pieces in kenya. The other is that most viable land is lying idle. I dont know how you came about your conclusion but developed countries have majority of their population in urban places and many people know nothing about farming unlike most of our generation in kenya who are actually from rural areas and have been brought up on domestic produce.

The problem with agriculture in Kenya is that there are too many small scale farmers and not enough large scale farmers. You therefore have the small scale farmers who don’t enjoy economies of scale bringing down the quality of agriculture. And these small scale farmers are also susceptible to market forces and do not even have enough credit to make significant investments in their line of work.

All across the globe the african has the reputation for being the laziest, the least industrious, and least productive.

I have yet to see something that will convince me that this reputation is unearned

First, you must have been diagnosed with a rare condition for you to go searching for extremely rare grains that were cultivated before Christ. You claim to feel amazing but that’s because these are whole foods that help you cope with your disease. Secondly, food is a cultural thing, and unless the society embraces a particular meal, any attempt by government to impose a diet on citizens is bound to fail spectacularly. Third, you should visit the The East African Herbarium Plant Conservation and Propagation Unit where ancient African grains such as the African wild rice have been preserved. They may offer you seeds to an african whole grain that was staple food for the Homo Erectus.

GMO’s will be the end of farmers. Monsanto will come up with seeds meant for one planting season only. If you try to replant the seedlings in the next season you get zero output. Google the case of India. Farmers were committing suicide because of debts.

You were going well until you introduced a lie. Their average life expectancy is 83-84 years.

I’m not sick. Just changed my diet for the better.

Exactly we seriously need to diversify our food groups or it will end bad for us if there ever a catastrophe.

This is very true; and this forum epitomizes this observation. Talkers wake up very early in the morning to log-on to this forum alongside other social media and spend their entire day entertaining themselves instead of doing valuable work. Some even rely on office wifi to access social media and obviously don’t deserve their salaries. That’s why you find many talkers own cars yet few can perform an oil change or even change brake pads and are willing to pay a mechanic to perform simple tasks. This laziness has affected every area of our lives.

With a growing use of modified food and the soon introduction of CRISPR the world of food is looking quite scary. I have changed my diet to incorporate grains which a highly nutrient and healthy.

Government needs to start educating and tell farmers and consumers which type of grain should be planted in which region plus crop rotation. It’s good to know that there’s a place where we can get African grains.

Ati a lie ?! Boss Japanese are the longest living people on earth. FACT. Na ulipitwa aje na hii story ya juzi ya 117 years: https://www.nation.co.ke/news/world/-World-s-oldest-person--dies-in-Japan-at-117-/1068-4492914-oe0st7/index.html

Even the current oldest man on earth as you can see in that article there is a Jap.

Japs live for so long its now even a national problem in that country. Too many old people. An ageing population. They are even starting to adopt assisted death ukiona umeishi sana na uko na tumagonjwa twingi twa uzee.

Tafuta channel inaitwa NHK ujionee 90 year old Japs who climb Mount Everest, not once… but four effin times! And the guy doesn’t look a day over 70. I actually think there are Japanese who have hit 150 years ni vile hawajulikani. Unaona mwingine anakata miti gigantic at 79 years. Na wanakula samaki zingine wacha tu. Raw kwanza.

Ever heard of the okinawa diet? https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Okinawa_diet

In Ryuku Islands in Japan almost kila mtu anachapa 100 years.

You know you can tell us. si ati ni big deal. but anyway ongeza hizi kwa diet. If you want to hit a century eat like a Jap.


tembea hizo nchi ujionee. kwanza hao wazungu na wajapanese unaona wanaishi town are some busy fellows. Not all of them of course. But if you live there you will appreciate how much time we waste in Africa generally. Hawasimami. just up and down like little rats. Ripping out car engines. Repairing boats. Building houses, painting houses etc.

I saw a documentary once of a big Japanese tech firm where the CEO because he is the “least” busy worker cooks lunch for all the other workers. And these guys actually love physical dirty labour. Its not beneath them. Several acres of the huge company have been set aside for rice farming. That ageing CEO spends an hour there before lunch hour DAILY, just planting or winnowing rice, then hits the staff kitchen, produce in hand to help prepare lunch. Sioni Kirubi ama Bidco guy akifanya “ujinga” kama hio. And this is a billion dollar Japanese manufacturer.

The truth hurts! I am currently wasting my time talking on here and I plan to get my brakes changed by a mechanic soon.

I ate how africans and especially Kenyans whine incessantly about this and that acting as if a change in the president or constitution will fix things. We cannot mimic thr success and wealth of the japanese because we do not have the same character.

Those people work themselves to death. They do not steal and they leave doors unlocked even in poor neighbourhoods. I recently read that there is so little crime in Japan that the police go around looking for things to do.

Can the same be said in Kenya? No.

In Kenya the poor are criminals and the rich are even bigger criminals.

All this talking about what must be done always ignoring the issue of who is doing it.

A company run by kenyans is different from a company run by japanese. And industry run by japanese is different from an industry run by kenyans. And so it goes for the whole nation. Those people work themselves so hard they fall dead from overworking. Meanwhile you have kenyans falling dead from alcohol.

If you think the incompetent government has the solution then you have already given up


if there is enough large scale, efficient farming, the small scale farmers will serve niche markets, and will not have an effect

As anyone discovered if they sell these grains in local stores??