Uhuru's Open Borders.

I support President uhuru’s declaration of open borders. Africans can now work and live freely in Kenya.

It’ll catapult Kenya into prosperity and into a time of plenty.

I can’t help but wonder, at the moment, can a citizen of Kenya confidently buy land, live and work in any COUNTY they want?
[Are we done with madoadoa]

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Depends on many factors.

That last paragraph, no.

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Mimi personally I’m planning to build my family home Central ndio next election nisikuwe na wasiwasi…especially coz mjunior atakuwa area


Sijui landlaws ziko aje in Rwanda but I’ve seen reports of farmers from Kenya getting their daily bread huko

Kenya lakini ndio mambo yote so invest your money here.


I support the move.

I’m a PanAfricanist supporter and Uhuru is looking for a bigger job after the presidency maybe Running the AU…

The more Africans the better Nairobi can be even more cosmopolitan. New ideas will flow in and we can build our Nation.

Though I wonder will those people born in refugee camps gain Kenyan citizenship???

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I asked about COUNTY not country.

For travel only…the rest is a separate process :D:D:D

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Do we have excess jobs to add more people from outside? It is a good thing to open the border but can’t you sort your problems first before solving your neighbor’s? Can you regulate the influx of aliens?Canada has opened its borders to skilled laborers,reason : they have lots of job with no people to work . What about us, with unemployment rate of over 50%?and here you are adding people with no credentials, no minimum investment value, and you say it’s alright? What about their criminal background check,how will handle background checks rom people of zoomalia? What’s going to happen to alshabaab of Somali origin? These muthafuckera will have field day on our streets. Someone has been given very wrong advise.
It will make sense if you say " We will grant you permanent residency if you start up a business that will employ 10 Kenyans , then we will give you tax break"…On the other side I think this is a political stunt meant to dwarf makufuli since he has close “guardedly” protected Tanzanian borders . What was this man thinking anyways when he said he is opening borders?


I like his open border policy, we"ll prosper 3 times just watch…


Unaita Wageni kwa Nyumba yako na imejaa Kunguni na Mende sittitng room? Choo ukienda ni Panya ziko.

Who is uhuru to you? Nothing. Mumeshinda mukiimba Tano Tena. Has your Networth increased?? Nope!!

Certified bullshit agenda


Bullshit totally. How many jobless Kenyans do we have ? This is a strategy to find market for brookside product now that some ethnic communities have refused to buy their milk. Chieth


Beans being staple food makes me worried about global warming in that region. I might want to buy land for fun in that region.

Ruling by decree or what? I thought policies of national importance are supposed to be discussed beforehand by various units. Or maybe not apparently?


Dude even Obama was wrong many times and he admitted it. I don’t why you see Uhuru to be a saint? Anything he says you guys don’t question and think it’s right. He is wrong fool .


Jakuonist sycophants are busy here echoing what @FieldMarshal CouchP said a week ago and feeling like intellectuals. Guka already pointed this shit out, stop calling Jubilidiots sycophants just because Guka called you Orangutans. This is but a weak copy of his thread, a wank fest for Babuonists and a pathetic attempt at getting likes.

Hii tuliona


In my hood the Congolese have taken over the barber businesses,the south Sudanese/ugandans bar maids it’s just time before the Nigerians start wash wash


Wah ,where is this?

who said the priden is opening borders to unschooled, unskilled opportunity seekers. presidential declarations are statements of policy intent while policies themselves are drawn and fine-tuned by technocrats and approved by the national assembly to ensure they do not compromise the national interest. the Constitution dictates that the policy formulation be subject to public participation where you can input your concerns. this is why you and especially @FieldMarshal CouchP need to be patient.
remember, kenya has been rated highly in regard to ease of doing business and the president’s intention is to make it easier for fellow africans who wish to do business with us…


The immigration laws should be revised and if the country has open borders no new immigrants should ever be given a Kenyan citizenship.They get a work permit and you can live work and marry in the country but if you were not born here no citizenship.Israel does the same.

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