Uhuru's 101 TRIP

Uhuru’s 101st foreign trip takes him to Japan

"President Uhuru Kenyatta’s trip to Barbados saw him cross the 100 mark on official trips to foreign countries eclipsing the 33 trips made by his predecessor Mwai Kibaki during his two terms in office.

Uhuru last week came back from a six-day trip in the Caribbean states of Jamaica and Barbados, just two months after returning from Canada where he had gone to attend the 2019 Global Women Deliver Conference." The Standard

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Things have changed world wide … let konyagi travel in peace

What exactly has changed? Infact with advancement in Technology, these trips can be reduced and achieve the same effect.

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Uhuru is on a charm offensive all over the world that’s why he has to keep traveling. Reason being that Kenya’s options in the Somali maritime case are dwindling. The hearing starts on September 19th at the International court of justice.

“There is little hope in that Mogadishu will consider a bilateral or regional resolution effort; this leaves Kenya with a few options, one of which is a diplomatic charm offensive in Africa and beyond to convince peers that a decision that affirms Somalia’s claim will have security, diplomatic and economic reverberations.

Having suffered a defeat during the preliminary proceedings while attempting to show that the court does not have jurisdiction over the matter, after a false start trying to settle the issue through a memorandum in 2009, experts say that Kenya has no alternative but to pursue subtle dispute resolution mechanisms.

Nairobi has assembled a team of international lobbyists to reach out to oil and gas investors, who are said to be keen on the outcome of the matter at the ICJ.

Politically, Kenya is reaching out to international allies to get the much-needed support “to protect its territory,” regardless of the outcome of the case at the ICJ.

On a recent tour of China, the president is said to have camped for a few days in the Gulf seeking the ears of powerful figures over the matter.

The strategy, according sources, is to consolidate the African voice, which will be key in making collective decisions at the African Union and United Nations once the court has delivered its verdict.”


It looks like that national debt will touch 9 trillion shillings by 2022 elections. We are already at 6 trillion with 3 years to go if elections will be held in August 2022.

Domnic Omondi 05th Aug 2019
Central Bank of Kenya’s weekly bulletin showed that the country’s national debt expanded by 15.2 per cent to hit Sh5.89 trillion from Sh5.039 trillion in June 2018, as Treasury plunged into the credit market to fund infrastructural projects.


For income, averages don’t work, you should give us the median value

you mean they earn ksh. 19,200 per day … i.e if they work for 8 hours

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