UhuruRuto change of tact amidst covert war.

After Ruto being kicked out from launching goverment development projects by Uhuru he seems to have restored to launching cdf projects, friendly county gov projects and taking part in local harambees and church events and groups to continue building his influence. Uhuru on the other hand seems to have taken over the launching of govt major projects. Today he was in Nyandarua, the other day Nakuru and Sunday Meru. It seems he wants to use the previous strategy used by Ruto to gain and solidify back the bedroom. Question is who will be the ultimate winner in this thing. Lets analyze politics one on one

One word: BBI

Us. Uhuru thought he had assured mtk votes thus didn’t need to do anything there. He has realized, probably too late that that isn’t the case. But any developments even if playing politics is welcome. But I doubt his remaining time is enough to recover his base

Naskia ruto alisomemwa riot act- kutoka kwa base ya muguka

Tulieni pale opposition bila kelele



Wacha kutubeba malenge. Time ya kuambiwa mpange line vile puppies hujipanga kwa matiti ya mbwa ndio haijafika. Ikifika mtapanga tuu vile mmezoea.

Tunawatambua hawa…atasema jump and they will ask how high.typical voting robots since way back.

Kutokea??? we do it v well. So that we get some money…kwa debe??? story hahahahaha ni v different. He does not have our support.
Atee Jeshi mutikanguithie!! nyof nyof nyof.

Hio ni ground and not hired crowd sweetheart…

He thought ametubeba kwa ngunia kama viazi to be auctioned off any which way he pleased, only to find out that he was carrying an empty sack, the warus had taken off!:D:D

Ask uhuru what happened in 1997 when he had more people voting for his nomination than voted for him in the election, ask him about the night before the election when dogs were dressed in his campaign tee shirts:D:D

In 1997 arap Moi was testing the waters for kamwana,and its NARC supporters who dressed dogs in Uhuru campaign t shirts in 2002.
Uhuru is too young to retire…

Sawa you guys can keep him, we want him out like yesterday!
FYI there was no NARC in 1997 , it was Greeks in gatundu who did that. :smiley:

But Konyagi is launching his projects in empty stadia, save for security details


Deputy President William Ruto’s allies on Friday, January 31, made an announcement following reports that the DP was scolded by President Uhuru Kenyatta on Monday, January 27, 2020. According to a report by Citizen Digital, they resolved to follow their ODM counterpart in all countrywide BBI rallies.

Their announcement comes days after President Uhuru Kenyatta summoned the DP to a meeting at State House.
Inside sources informed our sources Mr Kenyatta seized the moment to voice his displeasure with Ruto’s seemingly ‘rebellious conduct’ and opposition to Kenyatta’s legacy about uniting Kenyans. He reportedly accused his deputy of being behind the rebellion. Uhuru added that he had knowledge of how Ruto had organised the Naivasha meeting, which was dominated by his allies.

“The president told Ruto to his face that he has to stop the insubordination as well as frustrating his unity efforts,” the source alluded.

"Kenyatta told the DP that if he thought he was going to stop him from working with Raila in the unity bid, he was daydreaming,” the source added.

Heri hao its yet to happen, odmers made a u-turn without even noticing

Your point exactly?

Umbwa koko speak for brighton uk not kenya