Uhuru: Winner-take-all democracy is unsustainable

Does anyone understand what he’s saying cuz my heart is hurting for Kenya right now…What does he mean?!



President Uhuru Kenyatta has said that Kenya must devise a new form of democracy that promotes inclusivity rather than designating some groups as winners and others as losers. President Kenyatta spoke in Washington DC on Wednesday.
Outlining his government’s Building Bridges Initiative (BBI), President Kenyatta said the initiative is aimed at building an alternative to a “divisive political structure that has often sparked conflicts in the last 30 years.”

To sustain economic growth, Kenya must “first and foremost achieve a social framework for our people that best fits our national circumstances,” Mr Kenyatta said.
The winner-take-all model of elections has proven unsustainable in Kenya, the president told a standing-room-only audience of about 300 that included dignitaries.

Two former US ambassadors to Kenya as well as Washington’s current envoy, Kyle McCarter, were on hand, along with a large contingent of Kenyan officials and some members of the Trump administration.
“We have to look for a different model that allows for much greater inclusion,” the Kenyan leader declared. “Democracy,” he said, “is not a one-size-fits-all outfit.”

But he refrained from indicating what a new model might look like. Offering specifics at this stage could lead to unhelpful discord, Mr Kenyatta suggested.
The president also spoke of the need to avoid divisiveness in Kenya’s international relations.
He rejected any return to the “proxy wars” of the US-Soviet Cold War era that, he said, had negatively affected Africa economically and politically.
Kenya experienced great difficulty as it “tried to chart a path between two battling giants,” Mr Kenyatta recounted.
Today, he added, “proxy actors are behaving as though Africa is for the taking.”
“I want to tell you it is not.”




Do you regret having said that awhile ago?


However, I didn’t have a choice considering the “alternative.”

Apathy could have , or even akuot

Translation : BBI lazima ipite?

Who thought it was good idea to make the drunk son of the 1st president the 3rd president?

Ukishindwa kubali uende Bondo ukule Samak , Si kulia unaibiwa kila siku , Si uibe pia


In any democracy… Yes there has to be winners and those who don’t, that’s a fact… The long route they are trying to tell us is let’s create a Monarch, Tyranny or Communist.

I support Trump baada ya madharau ya ule mama.
Lakini, Uhuru si Uhuru ako sawa

hii maneno yoote ndio tu Rao akuwe ndani??, NKT! what a selfish individual!

Uhuru is trying to be clever, Rao was desperate to bury the hatchet in 2018 after the UK cancelled his Visa, US would have followed then the EU and he couldnt fathom living the rest of his life unwanted in the world’s most prestigious capitals.

Now, Uhuru only cares that the Kenyattas retain control of the national government after he exits, the BBI charade is supposed to help form new alliances for the succession. After he mismanaged the economy Jubilee became untenable, Jubilee was heading for defeat in 2022 so he chose to buy the opposition, with the promise of state machinery to back their presidential bid, see how they have whitewashed him amekua safi kama pamba?

BBI is a double-edged sword, it washes away his sins by making him look magnanimous and keeps the Kenyatta’s in control, these are power games.Hi

Next government Kama Uhuru hatakua ndani puppets wake ndo watarule

Matiba lost, no violence, leader of opposition
Kibaki lost, no violence, leader of opposition,
Raila lost, violence, Prime Minister
Raila lost, stalemate, handshake

He’s to young to retire…BBI lazma itapita

all over a sudden Namaan amepona ukoma.

Why? Admit it!!

kwani meetings zote za kenyans in the US hufanyika basement parking? Inakaa basement parking