Uhuru..we will play our role well as opposition


Baba aliroga Kijana yetu… Ruto saw this way long ago.

Disenfranchising azimio supporters to inherit his political base. He can now sing praises to Raila becoz he knows the guy is finished, yeye ndiye kusema sasa.

Sasa former president yuko opposition what a shame

Our democracy is getting stronger:D

It’s the other way round. Raila is 77 years, and Uhuru is 60 years.

Uhuru wants to inherit Raila’s supporter base.

Yaani the reference mganga is for real! Kamwana amerogwa

For what purpose

To get a platform to speak up when new policies are made that threaten his family bizness. You see he will have something to offer ruto when things get tough.

No shame , even the main enemy of bolsenaro the president of Brazil is former president nothing new .there was a us president who vied twice , the later as a former president .
Why do you African motherfuckers hate your asses?

Shameful for a retired president to be the opposition leader

  1. Can Konyagi run for top office again?
  2. Will he really be as effective as Rao in opposition?
  3. Does he think he can beat JSKS in any petition outside of using state machinery?
  4. Rao really is a cursed man, hiyo foreskin nayo ni shida. I guess this is what JSKS saw in 2007, associating with that old man really just equals failure.

He needs to go home and rest.