Uhuru wa Kenyatta

Uhuru Kenyatta now understands the price of neglecting his people at the expense hunting votes from less popular regions. I can’t remember a day he went and spent a day with these youth whose their 2nd name is alcohol in central Kenya. These are the youth who passionately campaigned and voted for you. It is not enough for the president to just order mps to end alcohol menace in central. Just as you do in Kibra and other areas, visit central Kenya. See for yourself. Let the communities feel your passion and empathy for young people. Go there because your presence matter. Show more concern and seriousness in dealing with this menace. Don’t send gsu but do everything in your power to empower these young people. Don’t forget your roots man!

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Every man’s destiny is their own hands. One can choose to sit back and wait for empowering help from i don’t know where; or wake up to go hustle like wanaume wengine…choices…


lakini tuseme tu ukweli we have a drinking problem as a nation mimi included they say the first step to healing is acceptance. The only thing that unites kenyans is the bottle


Alcoholism is not a small matter, closing these drinking dens will only make matters worse, The demand for alcohol in central kenya is high. The brewers will find away to sell their stuff boz demand iko high…even it means kwenda kuuza kichakani or selling take away secretly in genuine pubs. i know a genuine pub that sells fake napoleon to customers wanaojulikana …and they sell it chini ya maji and its always on take away basis…akuna kunywa hapo ndio wasipatikane

this problem is nationwide ni venye tu central imekua highlighted sana. Am told the president has ordered the NYS ( ni ya swithat) director to round up drunk youth and place them in designated areas for rehabilitation

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kweli, it will push the industry underground just like the era of prohibition in in the U.S.A where bootleggers made a fortune. But kuna shida central, take for example Kenol township, some guy was managing a building project huko and he had to literary ship labor from Nairobi since the young men were not available ama those that show up ukiwalipa leo hawarudi kesho kutafuta kibarua hadi pesa iishe kwa pombe in the many dotted mabati dens around the town. The imported labor was composed of Kisiis and Luhyas mostly na walikua wanatwanga job hadi hata usiku wamewekewa very bright lights


And the same neglected lot will still vote for him…

If you have gone to Nyeri through a certain route in Muranga, via Othaya …kuanzia Muranga and Kiriani shopping centres, you will mainly find an
mpesa shop , general shop and some bars …replicated every where. These are not even the shoddy mabati bars zenye zimefichwa huko ndani …
In 2011 before the mututho law came to place, guys for Nyeri used to sleep kwa mtaro by 7 pm…and the one of being unable to sire kids is true,
I knew of a luhya manager who would get approached by the financial stable ladies, who wanted at least for him to get them paged nothing more

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kweli tuko na shida…mnataka president aje awaambie msikunywe ama aje afanye nini?

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low population growth is the politicians biggest headache

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hapo kwa mpesa, bar, na ka duka ni ukweli ama a mtura na soup base kwisha, This guy used to have a problem when it came to paying, the wives of the local men would camp at the site and tell him awape pesa instead of the husbands, ama wengine walikua wanangoja mabwana walipwe wakiwa hapo kando ama kwa gate waende nao straight supermarket to do some minor shopping ndio wawachwe to go drink since the wives knew hiyo pesa haifiki nyumbani. The wives even took his number and used to inquire analipa lini ndio wasidanganywe na the husbands hawajalipwa


@Purr_27 hehe let me reserve what i wanted to say thats a secret i will take to my grave

so waende waititu style na sledge hammer

I attended a burial in Mai Mahiu last month, i can attest that we have a drinking problem in Kenya. Wanaume walitafutwa watoe coffin kwa hearse wakakosekana, guests had to do it for them. Guys are weak, kutetemeka ata kutembea ni shida. Time ya kula ata kijiko haifiki mdomo, chakula ishamwagika…sweating profusely na wamevaa jackets ati kuna baridi at that time jua ni ya saa sita. Forget the second generation alcohol na upuzi kama hizo government is peddling, most people are perishing in alcohol and not cheap alcohol. Visit any good hospital, AKUH, NH, Coptic, Avenue, and such and meet young guys in their 30s and 40s with liver diseases, depression, pancreatitis, etc etc. My neighbors wametoka ulevi 4am…def they are not poor, but at late 20s or early 30s, hio ni ugonjwa ya kujitakia. Mwanaume unalewa na bibi unalala mchana yote, alafu jioni utoe lock, and the cycle continues. How on earth do you get drunk from Mon to Mon like a college kid? Alcoholism in Kenya cuts across the rich and the poor.


what kenya needs is a proper regulation of the industry since mututho laws and higher taxation has failed

Very true but sad. He has taken for granted the youth of central,(just as Kibaki did) by leaving them to wallow in abject poverty, alcoholism and impotence. I visit my shaggs occasionally and some of my age mates who did not come to the big city, look so old and emaciated…like they are in their late 60’s. They normally beg for 100 shillings and once you give it to them, they disappear, only to come back after half an hour, extremely intoxicated> They will then start insulting you; ‘Wee niweteire kuuma wathie Nairobi’ (You have too much Maringo since you went to Nairobi)
They don’t have wives and still live with their old parents. They don’t shower regularly despite the fact that our area has major rivers, streams and piped water.
These were the same guys that every village girl wanted to be-friend and shag when we were teens. They were smartly dressed and handsome. After completing high school, they were unable to go to college, go to NYS or join the Police or Army, of course due to rampant corruption during recruitment…and thats where the downward spiral begun…and its not just one from my village, I can give you upto ten names.
Its a pity.

can’t these cheap liqour factories plus counterfeits be shut down, people drink all over but fatalities si kila mahali. if the price is high people will learn to drink baada ya kazi

can’t these cheap liqour factories plus counterfeits be shut down, people drink all over but fatalities si kila mahali. if the price is high people will learn to drink baada ya kazi

… Legend sio mbaya

Fungua roho pris(kama ni kitu mbaya fight lazima :D)