Uhuru to spend Sh2 trillion on Big Four

Details have emerged of President Kenyatta’s strategy to secure his legacy-defining Big Four agenda.

A Treasury dossier obtained yesterday by the Star outlined the government’s plan to roll out multi-billion projects, in only four years.

Critics have repeatedly claimed the Jubilee administration could be biting more than it can chew.

The Big Four is grounded on food security, affordable housing, manufacturing, and universal healthcare.

The 2019 Draft Budget Policy Statement proposes to spend Sh5.6 trillion in financial years 2019/20 – 2021/22.

Of this, Sh2.01 trillion will be spent on development to “accelerate growth, create jobs, and reduce poverty.”

On housing, Kenyatta intends to construct 500,000 homes in five lots in four years.

Phase one will see 1,640 units built at Park Road, Makongeni (20,000), Shauri Moyo (5,300), Starehe (3,500) and Mavoko (5,500).

Jubilee plans to build 15,000 units by empowering housing associations, 48,000 by counties, and 78,700 by Nairobi and Mombasa counties.

In phase two, counties should put up 45,000 units, Nairobi regeneration (20,000), police (10,000), and 20,000 others at the NSSF land in Mavoko. Private developers will be encouraged via incentives to put up 20,000 units in the same period.

Counties are further expected to construct 45,000 units in the third phase while 20,000 more through redevelopment of Nairobi’s old estates. The government targets 10,000 units under the Police Housing Plan, 20,000 at the NSSF Mavoko land; 10,000 by cooperatives, and 20,000 by private developers.

Other 220,000 units will be put up in the fourth and fifth phase through cooperatives, private developers, and redevelopment of Nairobi’s old estates.

A deal between the government and the United Nations Office for Project Services (UNOP) should deliver 100,000 affordable units.

“Already, the government has identified appropriate sites for the housing programme and availed 7,000 acres of land.”

Gatundu South MP Moses Kuria on February 1 said he was pessimistic the project is achievable…


If he succeeds he’ll probably go down in history as one of the best leaders this country has ever had.

Unyato my boy from my base kiambu good vision sir. Tuko pamoja. wacha watange tange tuchape job. anyone trying to disrespect our leader shall be cut down to size like that boy from sugoi. si unaona vile amekunja mkia siku hizi

Lets wait and see

Playing catch-up.

The government loses way too much money is unspecified spending. If Uhuru can plug the leakages the Big Four will be a huge success.

Zile pesa zitamezwa kwa hiyo project wacha tu.

If only we could rethink and build a new city and move away from the congestion that is Nairobi. Konza was a good dream while it lasted …
I don’t understand how building more units in Nairobi will be of any help to our strained transport system and infrastructure.

They should leave konza alone for farmers

No one should be living in the city,it should be for production and markets and businesses.
I like his vision but shida itakuwa corruption issues zitafanya zistall.

How much of the two trillion will find its way into our pockets? Am sure by the end of the project Uhuru will be 1 trillion richer

To see people celebrating such nonsense is shocking

@Randy should be owning a private jet by 2022 .

Delusions of grandeur.:D:D:D:D

Another mega fail in the making with Kenyans about to pay through the nose for the failings of a drunkard with no legacy beyond a social media meme.

What if, what if, instead of all the rest, Uhuru just focused on Water, Food security and Health… Yaani kila mmoja apate maji safi, chakula bora na afya bora? The economic benefits would be 10x if not 100x.

if you know,you know


Too much too late, but better late than never.

I don’t think building new cities will solve the problem, but rather reducing unemployment rates in Kenya. China and the U.S have a lot of ghost cities due to failed economic activity. Look at Scandinavian countries which don’t have many cities but it is almost unheard of for a citizen to complete a full year while unemployed.

What really the government should start working on for vision 2030 to become a reality is an upgraded transportation system. I think SGR is overrated and too slow. Imagine Kenya with super fast electrical trains connected to all corners of the country. That way you can live in Meru, Nanyuki, Kisumu or Mombasa and go to work in Nairobi every business day and still have time to get back to your home for dinner.

Then the SGR should operate on 24 hours basis and not just during the day. Not to forget, Nairobi needs a metropolitan train system to reduce traffic jams. Imagine taking a train from Rongai, Kiserian or Ngong to town and arriving in 10-15 minutes. Yes, it might take a lot of money to build but Nairobi loses billions due to traffic congestion.

Perhaps in the future, the trains will be upgraded to full electrical which will make it faster but then again, Kenya should invest in a nuclear power plant to increase energy output and lower the cost.

how is it nonsense? You are just salty

Cc @Bhai…You had said how many houses per day, including weekends? :D:D

I share the same sentiments but still think Nairobi is too congested, everyone wants to live in the same small radius that is Nairobi.
Picture extra houses in the existing areas of the city, every single of those extra houses , maybe half of them have a car. Coming to the same already congested city center.
Ok let’s picture an electric/train system or BRT to operate in the same radius, are we going to put a hold to the existing matatus to pave way for efficient systems?
You do realise we cannot have matatus and an efficient system,one has to stop existing for the other to work and the city get organised.
As it stands our existing city cannot cope, we need to revive konza, because we can implement and set up a city based on our times and also the near future.
The existing city buildings can be converted to mix use dwellings , something sort of how New York and all operate. Shoes chini, apartments juu.