If there was to be a debate, jokers like Abduba Dida should not be invited. I would like to see a face off between Babuon and Macho nyanya, maybe Ekuru Aokot to challange the lies being peddled by the two.

See, even for once Mundu is thinking straight.

The problem from the onset is the organizers. They make decisions on their own without deliberating with candidates. Dates, times, format, invitees and moderators. It reached a point they were told to forget it.

You think you are always right? I have never differed with you though politically we don’t think alike. You are entitled to your opinion even if in my opinion ni meffi. Respect bro.

we all know the top contenders why invite people who if they were to vie for MCA in their village,they won’t even get the mad man’s vote and elevate them to the level of President just because they had 250k

you speak for traitors

A presidential debate in Kenya is akin to kuchezea mbuzi guitar. Would be good for entertainment purposes but nothing of consequence will be achieved.

The debate is Divided into two, first is all candidates with over 5% support(Ouru and Joshua) next is abduba and other clowns.
As I said Uhuru is afraid of facing the country on the same platform with baba

What do you mean?

Let the other candidate be in the field wapimane nguvu wenyewe.UK should not involve himself with idlers.


He is used to addressing the nation, not receiving questions where the audience is expecting an immediate answer. On a live interactive platform, he is scared of questions touching on the following:
[li]laptops within 100 days[/li][li]Eurobond[/li][li]Afya house scandal[/li][li]NYS and waIkuru[/li][li]land[/li][li]etc[/li][/ol]
Ata mimi kama ningekua uuru siwes enda.

Soma rules of the debate…uhuru vs Joshua Then Abduba vs other clowns…Mecho nyanya is afraid of facing the country in the same platform as Baba

Tumbilidiots working overtime to defend someone who has become a KFC product.

Wah. That plummets the ratings considerably. I will also not watch it.

It’s a good platform for the public to ask questions to the aspirants and put them to task. It’s funny now that Uhuru will not be attending, Jubilee supporters all of a sudden think that the debate is a waste of time. What happened to independent thinking?

Wait and see how they will twist it.

Nobody really gets to question him in rallies coz only his cronies are invited. Did you see how Nanok na Sultan made him almost shed a tear?

Interesting times ahead

The guy is a coward per excellence. He cannot defend his BS record when faced by 7 other guys who will be using his terrible first term as a reference point on [SIZE=6]HOW NOT[/SIZE] [SIZE=6]TO RUN A COUNTRY. [/SIZE]