Macho nyanya ameingiza Jeve :D:D:D


last time alisema ,willing buyer willing seller

Ati its “Beneath Him”…wacha arudi Gatundu roho safi

Heri Jameson kuliko kusumbuana na mafans UOTP VS RWNBP, could have been interesting

I did not expect him aende pia kibaki Hakuenda 2007.

this must be a great loss to the sensational Kenyan media

Hii ujinga ya kuweka all 8 candidates kwa debate will make it terribly boring

This media that borrows questions from facebook and Twitter??? And steals articles from here?

Politrics, alisema hivo last time na last minute akachange…expect the same this time

Jubilee Party Vice-Chairman David Murathe has announced that President Uhuru Kenyatta will not participate in next week’s presidential debate.
Mr Murathe noted that Kenyatta will miss the Monday, July 10th debate as the organizers had not consulted with the President’s team.
“We are not even aware of the rules of engagement. So let them do it without him,” Murathe stated.
seem U.K has noted that the question to be asked won’t be friendly thus opting out. He also noted that he is of big race than that of being in a debate with aspiring presidential candidates.




Hehehe… cowardice. Si atume Arap Mashamba basi.

It would have made sense if only it was him and babuon. Why should a sitting president drag himself down to the level of clowns who between them will find it daunting to get 50k votes countrywide.
Way to go Mr president, don’t go down to their level.


Its does not matter Even if it was only Baba at the debate…Uhuru is scared stiff of facing the country

And that was kenyas spokesman

back to the studio this is BBC one live at one

Hiyo debate mimi sioni kama ina maana. I think majority of Kenyans have already made up their minds on whom they will vote, if they intend to vote.

Yet it was reported yesterday he has held an amazing 200 rallies in only a matter of weeks.
Very strange from someone who’s ‘scared’ of facing the country.
All those rallies were in Kenya, right?