Uhuru - The Incompetent.

Drunk, lazy ass mofo.

How he managed to run down, mismanage a robust economy that was left by the coalition govt (the best govt post independence Kenya ever had) of Kibaki-Raila is beyond comprehensible.

A few months ago I posted a thread here that RAO needs to shut the f**k up about being the whistleblower for every major scandal and any more runaway corruption that was happening because he was being demonized for it. It has come to pass. Good to see he heeded the advise. Let Kenyans learn the hard way, maybe then, it might bring them back to their senses.

Meanwhile, we’re curiously watching the effect it will have on the Kenyan shilling trading in the forex market. :D:D:cool::cool: @Purple @kiLo- @Sovereign2

Where is the @Meria Mata @FieldMarshal CouchP et al crew to give a rebuttal. You advocated for this incompetent govt so much.

We profusely apologized. Don’t rub salt to the injuries please

I like the way people like you like to use circumstances that have no relations to justify your entrenched prejudices and tribalism. Kenya is having a very robust debate about corruption and the way forward, and this is good.

It’s a mark of intelligence to always base arguments on facts and data my brother. When you base you points on tribal emotion and pent-up primitive energy it doesn’t matter wheher you are in the US or Kenya; you make a monkey of yourself.

Tell me good sir, how has our exchange rate changed in the last one year? The GDP growth rate?

Don’t beat about the bush. Tell us, using data, how these two markers have changed during Uhuru’s tenure.

Tulikubali boss. Hata mimi nikikutana na kamwana kona mbaya napiga Kofi na sweep, a rap mashamba anamchekelea hapo kando

mata aliapologise…

osha tunyanye bila kutusumbua,i am in process of building another pigsty na hakuna increase in material prices na hata ikiwa kulipa ushuru ni kujitegemea

Gathee, can you quote where this is in his statement? I just don’t like how your battalion will use the most stupid justification to defend uthamaki. Ata wewe na ile jamaa ingine ya mbisha tukieza patana nakunyorosha makofi mawili. Senji sana.

Wewe nlikwambia tupatane pale plains za laikipia nini ilifanyika?

Umbwa akule matapishi yake. Kisha 2022 aseme Tano fresh, ama ni tano arap fresh?

@Swansea if UK was as incompetent as you keep shouting on-the rooftops, how come this thing passed yesterday? I guess the guy is as sly as they come.
Wee shida hapo ukisema he’s incompetent. Alafu, i remember very well how everybody was bashing Kibaki, ati ooh, hakuna kitu anasema, hakuna kitu anafanya. Y’all said Kibaki entrenched trabalism in the kenyan fabric. Mbona sasa mnashindanga mkituambia how he was a saint. STFU!

Ati unajenga? Caretaker unasumbua.

Did you actually see how it went down? Wacha upuss. Lipa 8% bila kusumbua. A pig with lipstick is still a pig.

You know bro, these guys are like ngiri. They forget every other minute. Like they can’t remember that they almost burnt this country fighting the same Kibaki they pretend to love so much today. Eti Kibaki is the greatest president we’ve ever had. So why did niggas take machetes and matches and burn the country in 2008?

Niggas think everybody is as thick as they are?

You’re either inane or going senile. Who talked about Kibaki being the best President in this thread? There is a stark difference between the COALITION GOVT OF KIBAKI - RAILA and Kibaki being the best President.

@dabu , so competence is measured by “ayes” and “nays”?People like you should never breed. Early man @FieldMarshal CouchP
how was the 2008 post election clashes related to Kibaki’s performance in office? The Kalenjins were part of those you refer to as “they almost burnt”…selective amnesia?You argue like a redneck.

kimakia ndiye caretaker,lakini vile wewe ni my friend si unijenge tudollar kadhaa ukitumia western union?

sema siku

[ATTACH=full]194794[/ATTACH]Already signed into law. Kulipa Uhuru ni kujitegemea.

Jussi I saw they recovered the wreckage of that car that was belonging to that Dam Estate fellow who disappeared on April in Embu.

Imagine. Kibaki was a cabbage and he did not do the Mistakes of Uhuru and Ruto.