Uhuru the chess ♟️ master

Nashuku uhunye,on uhuru’s mastery on political chess.i have written this before. This guy is a Master, and he has used his perception by us to his advantage,Ile ya Uhuru ni mlevi hawezi shiet.

I would want to have his mind game,just like that of his father.

Huyu jama from supporting kibaki as an opposition chief to the handshake,he operates as the house of Tudor in England-the current queen Elizabeth, which I know is debatable.The only surviving strong mornarchy after beheading of king Louise and execution of the Romanovs.

He negotiated the handshake and allowed Azimio.under Aziomio ana field candidate’s wa jubilee chini ya maji in the important counties,from Igathe to Nkedianye in Kajiado , which will make him a powerful chairman of a party after his retirement.RAO wouldn’t give afuck as long as he is the president.

Uhunye hii chess anacheza 6D.

No way an African president is beholden to a political party chair. Let’s wait and see. No way…

The guy is a drunkard and overweight, yeye ni :meffi::meffi::meffi: in my eyes, Raila or Ruto would make a good president compared to him

Sasa mtu amefanya kusikue na opposition ndo unashinda ukisiiifu… We are in the current socio-economic problems because he chose kueka Kila mtu kwa mfuko… Yaani Rao na guy from Sugoi…
This means there’s no one ready to go all out against the government. Sasa ngojeni unga ifike 300 ndo mtamea akili…


Mtu anaitwa master na nchi is in dogshit. You must have mash for brains to want a failed presidents brain.

Buda nime sema anacheza for his survival and that of his family Buda just like any other man…sija sema the country.

Buda kua subjective na uangalie his bigger picha,ume soma economics na Bado unsema the current inflation is coz of handshake,bure kabisaa

Can you explain in detail where he got 500 billion Kshs to build his own city…

Niko subjective. Nilisema kwa ile thread ya Moses Kuria pia. Hatuwezi sema mtu akona akili mzuri saa hiyo nchi iko mbaya. Inflation or not this country has been mismanaged.

Subduing your political opponents and making them support you is what every political leader in the world dreams of and Uhuru achieved that. Uhuru managed to contain Raila and the oppositions which is something that Moi and Kibaki couldnt. Hio ndio inaitwa political genius.

Where is this 500B city you are talking about, I have never seen it.


Hii si political genius. It’s politics at it’s lowest. We all know that the handshake did not help anyone except the two leaders.

The collaboration was borne out of selfish interests and not to benefit the citizenry…

He’s a drunk master and scaredy-cat…he couldn’t gather courage to face guka in opposition.

Ati Uhuru ni chess master

So they have been “starting construction” since 2017? Where is this city on the ground? I use the eastern bypass and thika highway often and have never seen this city.

Which other leader in the world has the opposition, trade unions, billionaires, industrialists, civil society etc supporting him more than even his own party. That is being a political chess master. Biden, Boris Johnson, Kagame, M7, Kiir, Ethiopian and somali presidents etc would die to be in uhuru’s shoes.

Heheh chess master na hawezi angalia ruto Kwa macho akimwongelesha