Uhuru summons Jubilee MCAsmotion

ahead of Sonko’s impeachment

He will ask them to save Sonko from impeachment in the spirit if BBI(read corruption)
Kenya ina wenyewe.

The move is not to save Sonko.The longer Sonko stays as a governor in Limbo, the longer the city stays with the national government. The longer the cash cow for UK and his cronies.

If my memory serves me correctly, Uhuru never wanted Sonko on that seat. He supported Peter Kenneth. Since he has reverted to Moi’s tactics, we can only wait and see how this pans out.

Leo MCA’s watanukisha kitunguu ile mbaya

Sonko must have insisted on Uhuru saving his a** before he agreed to hand over the running of the county to the national govt. Uhuru knows that they need him in case of a referendum or in 2022.

Kasee is extinct like a dodo. No sane voter can vote that chokosh. Arudishe makende shimba hills. Siasa za jiji zimemshinda.

Wewe Ni mijinga , on the ground sonko is very strong Ni vile tu huwezi pigana na serikali.

Call an election today and we will elect Sonko asubuhi na mapema on an independent ticket. Uhuru can’t risk that

Very true