Uhuru & Ruto: 60.98%



I found it online via www.nipate.com, so please do not shoot the messenger.


Oh yes, the dynamic duo na tena zaidi.
Jubilee for the next 500yrs
Kusema na kutenda:p

50+1, 60+1. Same propaganda

This election will be very close… but what is worrying is the propaganda being spewed on numbers which statistically cannot be true. For instance

  1. Kipruto arap Kirwa saying on KTN they already have 55%. This is inconsistent. Even with numbers from their strongholds 55 percent is really massaging their numbers.
  2. 70+1 … This is also false… look at the numbers from NASA strongholds… out of approx 14 mil registered voters
  3. NASA’s claim they have already 10 million. Another statistically incorrect figure. Out of 14 million registered voters this would imply they have more than 70 percent…

After fake news now we have alternative facts…

I don’t know how the election will be close Nothing much has changed since 2013. Same strategy , expect similar results.

Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

Regurgitating what people have previously said countless times over won’t make you look intelligent in our eyes

Fully a testimony that you just been a hole in your legs and nothing else … some things you can’t hide

NASA claims that the base is 19M and that ‘their’ strongholds registered the most. What an odd reversal of facts when the IEBC has records online to verify stuff like this!!

That has always been their strategy, repeating a lie a thousand times with a motive to change the narrative thus creating a presidence.
You will notice that the following sentences have always been employed
during arguments as a diversionary tactic.

  1. Raila said “tosha”, (implying either, why can’t the agikuyu return the favour?/ creating a narrative that agikuyu would never cast a vote to a non mugikuyu)

  2. Raila is the sole champion liberator of the "second liberation(?):eek::mad::(:wink:
    “without his existence, Mo1 would still be moonwalking on our bums to this very day:rolleyes: So I ask, who started mwakenya? Was bishop Alexander Muge an imginery figure? What about Rubia, Matiba, Shikuku, Maina Kinyatti, mapinduzi and so many other Kenyans that gave their all during the Mo1 error?”

  3. I am clean like pamba!!:rolleyes:
    Where do I start with a list of vices committed by this man with his hencemen? To name but a few,
    a) the NHIF
    b) reselling of road construction tenders
    c) selling Kenyan citizenship to foreigners
    d)Triton scandle
    f) hospital fund…many many more

  4. …ongezea zingine hapa

My vote+ Raila +9,999,098 =10,000,000 .

Hii hesabu ni kama itakuja 9,999,100

This figure is very accurate. I travel to different places of KE and what I can tell you is that RAO has lost some margin and UK has gained. Even if dynamics change, I don’t expect UK to have <55%. First round win.

Caution: Politics is very dynamic and some events can change public perception. Ask kabufallo.

This is Hoho’s presence in Ktalk. prove me wrong 001

Totally agree with you. As it stands no one has over 50%. I also am of the view this election will be tight and due to the many independent candidates might go to a run off. I actually argue, the independent candidates are there to force a runoff that will see them make deals with other parties in the second round