Uhuru Receives William Ruto Pale State House

President Uhuru Kenyatta and Mama Margaret Kenyatta meet President-elect William Ruto and Mama Rachel Ruto at State House Nairobi


Hakuna mtu alichezwa Wadau.
No speculations.

That’s maturity…amekomaa…our advice works…

That’s how developed democracy works … Maliza job hand over with a smile

UK congrats for growing up…

I retire Konyagi1.…wazi two Prezzo at the same time…mmoja Ina expire kesho…

Wow…Kenyatta we love you now… :smiley:

Hatufukizi weee…handover…love it


Uhuru vs Ruto

I hope pia wewe utapunguza matusi.
Umetutusi sana sisi wana former Azimio (sasa tuko jubilee juu Azimio is dead)

This will be one emotional meeting.

@Electronics4u Mr Speaker sir…I Take all Back and Apologize…wakenya kazi imeanza…let’s be the best worldwide…kama marathon…

Tho ulifanya madhambi pia…we all did…tutatubu soon and be cleansed :smiley:

Mechi inaanza Tuesday elders…we know we shall…

Kenya will rise Kipchoge ashangae…align


Look at WSR shaking Uhuru’s hand. Karibu amsalimie ile ya kiheshima alafu akakumbuka hata yeye ni RAIS

Na Jubilee iko UDA…

Assmio supporters deserve all the insults they can get!
Cocky, overconfident, entitled pricks.

No strategy, no prowess or political know how. Just noise from our Luo brothers.
Until they humble themselves & behave in a civilised manner, they SHALL NEVER rule this country.

Just like their mganga father.

tomorrow we hope to see them together. Life must go on.

Chesa shini ya waba priss.


Ile side baba ndio niko.

Leo amechomoa mkono bila kwambiwa[ATTACH=full]465361[/ATTACH]

Ulikosa baba ndio unaenda kutafuta mtu anarandaranda kwa barabara unaita yeye baba?

Haamini bado…so humble is Our prezzo

uhuru is now on full self preservation for himself and family. Kenya had moved on except him and toxic supporters.

First thing uhuru fears is the embarrassment of - yote yawezekana bila uhuru - chorus kesho. He spent 2 years looking for validation of his legacy through many failed PR attempts. So was this meeting and press conference enough to appease the crowds at Kasarani tomorrow? He will find out tomorrow Infront of his former peers - Fellow Presidents and the whole world.

However one thing cant be minimised. This is the one moment the dynasties all feared. Their exit from power forever. It has happened. From here on every Presidential candidate has to trawl through the countryside to villages to ride to State House as winner after the people will gets them to power.

Today President Ruto showed Uhuru that he hold the real power in Kenya. People power that made even the government of the day recognise they were beaten. Tomorrow at noon, President Uhuru will wield both People’s and State power.

I also take this opportunity to forgive @Jimit and @Simiyu22 for trolling them. Looking for a similar opportunity in future

We ni mbwa ghasia taka taka. Hakuna kuhumble na hakuna kitu unatuambia. Tutazidi kuwatombea mabibi zenyu na madada zenyu. Politics haitaki emotions if you are to hold grudges for eons then prepare